Library Unit Head and Supervisor HR Related Responsibilities

Last updated: 9/27/2022

Unit Heads and Supervisors have a number of HR related responsibilities (hiring, onboarding, training and developing, and supervising employees) for which Library HR provides support and guidance as needed.  The following list is not exhaustive, but some of the specific responsibilities include:

  • Hiring and onboarding employees:
    • Submitting hiring requests to AUL/Director and Budget Group
    • Participating in position searches
    • Completing new employee Onboarding Checklists
    • Conducting new unit employees onboarding
    • Reviewing the position description with new employees
    • Setting initial goals and review the performance evaluation process with new employees
  • Training and developing employees:
  • Supervision of employees:
    • Approving and tracking leave requests
    • Assisting with employee remote/hybrid requests
    • Completing performance evaluations and setting new goals
    • Providing timely and constructive feedback when applicable
    • Confirming that position descriptions are accurate and up to date yearly
    • Submitting positions for audit reviews to the Budget Group, if/when appropriate
    • Delegating non-supervisor responsibilities in a fair, equitable and unbiased manner
    • Assuring that university policies are being followed by their employees, including correcting employees if they are not and if necessary, reporting violations.
    • Assuring that employee and others are abiding by the union contracts and correcting any issues that may cause union grievances
    • Reporting Title IX, Sexual Harassment, and any other Ethic violations
    • Reporting injuries and/or property damage
    • Completing appropriate PPP (Performance Partnership Program) reports (positive and negative)
    • Verifying departing employees complete appropriate separation and offboarding steps, including returning keys and equipment – see Leaving the Library