Funeral/Bereavement Leave

Civil Service employees in a trainee, apprentice, provisional, or status appointment, and all academic staff members are eligible for funeral/bereavement leave.  Upon request, eligible employees are granted funeral/bereavement leave when informing their supervisor of the need. Substantiation of the reason for funeral/bereavement leave may be required. Please view the campus page for funeral/bereavement leave for more information.

Submitting bereavement leave on time sheet:

  • Choose the funeral leave row and enter hours on the appropriate day. Paid funeral/bereavement leave may be used only on days an employee is scheduled to work.
  • Enter hours for other days if needed
  • Click Comments at the bottom of the page
  • Enter comment – relationship to the deceased
  • Click Save
  • Click Previous Menu
  • Click Submit for Approval to submit your time sheet