Service in Excess

Last updated: 2/28/2024

Library faculty and staff are regularly approached to deliver services outside the regular responsibilities of their position, such as teaching credit-bearing courses for programs, departments and colleges outside the University Library. This page provides information on how to obtain approval and process a request.

In determining whether an SIE payment is appropriate, approval prior to the service being performed must be obtained, and the work performed must be clearly outside the scope of regular duties.

According to the Campus Administrative Manual and University Statutes, the University Library is not to approve SIE requests after the date of service has passed.

Upon receiving an offer to perform additional duties outside of their regular responsibilities, such as teaching a credit-bearing course or special project or assignment, the Library employees must:

  1. obtain approval from the unit head,
  2. and appropriate AUL/Director/Asst Dean in the direct reporting line;
  3. obtain approval from the University Librarian.

The decision to approve an SIE will be made after considering the totality of benefits and risks to the individual and Library, including potential effects on ability to fulfill core job duties and/or progress toward promotion and tenure.

Service in Excess (SIE) duties are an overload . No work associated with the additional workload may be conducted during the normal Library work day without an exception from the Dean of Libraries. Library faculty and staff who must conduct work associated with the SIE during the normal Library work day in an overload arrangement should be prepared to take vacation time or change the hours of their normal work day to accommodate the SIE. Please note that planning for the use of such time should be made in advance with your supervisor or unit head and must meet the needs of the unit and be pre-approved.

PROCEDURES For Academic Employees

Academic employees need to obtain approval of the department heads and deans (or designees) of both the home unit and the paying unit before the services are performed.  Upon approvals, they should notify the paying unit with the information necessary for completion of the SIE form.

The paying unit uses this information to complete a fully executed Request for Service in Excess of 100% form. Please note that the form is completed by the paying unit, not the employee.

Employees need to provide to the paying unit the necessary approvers in the Library. Please list the following as the required approvers in this order:

  • The AUL/Director in the employees direct reporting line
  • Claire Stewart (Dean of Libraries)

Though employees should first discuss a request for an SIE with their unit head (as appropriate), the required signatures should be those listed above, and AULs/Directors will confirm with unit heads that discussions have taken place.  Whenever possible please send through Adobe for digital signatures.


Employees who are employed in classifications in the State University Civil Service System occasionally deliver services to a unit external to their home department or school, that fall beyond their routine responsibilities, and are also outside of their Civil Service classification specifications. In such instances the employee is eligible for compensation in the form of a Lump Sum payment. Unacceptable examples would be any work within current classification and current unit or added work within the same role. Individuals should consult with Library HR for specific case guidance.

Necessary approvals MUST be obtained PRIOR to services being performed for Lump sum payments to Civil Service employees.

Additional note:

Service in Excess is the standard option for compensating employees for delivering services outside their regular responsibilities. If an employee desires another option, such as a unit buy out of an employee’s time, please work directly with Library HR to determine what options may be available.

 Important University Policies and Forms to Review: