Overview of the Annual Performance Evaluation Process

Last updated: 6/20/2022

Performance Evaluations are an important human resource process as it provides employees with feedback and clarity about their performance.  For some classifications of employees, it provides metrics to help determine employee merit increases.


At the University Library, the Faculty Review Committee (FRC) provides the first level of review for promotion and tenure or for promotion to a higher rank.  The Committee is also responsible for monitoring visiting committee reports, and peer evaluation of Library Faculty for merit.  On a yearly basis, library faculty submit their annual review report for peer review [see Provost Communication no. 21].  The committee evaluates the reports in three areas:  Librarianship, Research, and Service.  The Faculty’s FRC weighted score is used as part of the merit program calculations.

Academic Professionals and Civil Service

The Library’s Academic Professionals and Civil Service employees are evaluated annually by their supervisor using evaluation forms provided by Library HR.  Their scores are used as part of the merit program calculations.  For Civil Service employees that are represented by a union, their merit amount is determined by the union contract.

Graduate Assistants

The Library’s Graduate Assistants (GAs) are typically provided a performance evaluation during their term of appointment.  The Report of GA Activities, a note documenting the dates when the Performance Evaluation and Exit Interview were conducted, and a brief evaluation of GA performance by the faculty supervisor should be transmitted to the Unit Head (when the faculty supervisor is not also the Unit Head), and to the Director of Library Human Resources. GA Performance Evaluation materials will be held in the Office of Library Human Resources, and decisions on retention made according to established records retention policies for personnel records.

Hourly Employees

While Library HR encourages supervisors to provide performance feedback to undergraduate student employees, graduate student employees, extra help and academic hourly, those processes are less formal.

Other University Resources & References

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