Graduate Assistant (GA) Performance Evaluation

University Library faculty members supervising Pre-Professional Graduate Assistants will provide each Graduate Assistant (GA) with a performance evaluation during the term of appointment, and an Exit Interview prior to its conclusion.

Exit Interviews will be based both on a “Report of GA Activities” to be provided by the GA to the faculty supervisor prior to the scheduled Exit Interview, and on an evaluation of the GA’s performance and contribution to unit goals to be made by the faculty supervisor.

Library units may develop their own Exit Interview schedules and guidelines for the Report of GA Activities, but the former should always include (at a minimum) the following elements:

  1. report of projects completed by GA during the term of appointment;
  2. discussion of contribution made by GA to unit goals and services; and,
  3. discussion of GA perception of the educational value of the pre-professional experience.

The Report of GA Activities, a note documenting the dates when the Performance Evaluation and Exit Interview were conducted, and a brief evaluation of GA performance by the faculty supervisor should be transmitted to the Unit Head (when the faculty supervisor is not also the Unit Head), and to the Director of Library Human Resources. GA Performance Evaluation materials will be held in the Office of Library Human Resources, and decisions on retention made according to established records retention policies for personnel records.

Unit heads will prepare a synthesis of the information regarding GA contributions to unit goals and services collected through the evaluation process for inclusion in the narrative section of the Unit Annual Report (due annually on August 15 th ).

All GA assignments in the University Library are covered by this policy without regard for funding source.


Responsible Office: University Library Office of Human Resources

Contact: Library Human Resources, 127 Main Library, 1408 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801.

Approved by: University Library Executive Committee

Approved on: December 14, 2007

Effective on: January 2, 2008

Review Cycle: Annual

Change History: Initial approval, December 14, 2007