Leaving the Library

This page includes information and procedures needed to successfully end Library employment.

Academic Professional, Civil Service, & Faculty
  • Units are required to provide the Employee Separation and Exit Form for paid Faculty, Academic Professional and Civil Service Employees to those employee groups when they are fully separating from the University to review and sign the form. Once the employee has read and signed the Employee Separation and Exit Form, the form should be sent to the appropriate Library HR Coordinator (Academic Professional and Faculty forms should be sent to Aneitre Johnson at atjohnsn@illinois.edu and Civil Service forms should be sent to Kim Hutcherson at khutcher@illinois.edu).
  • To help ensure a smooth retirement process, please inform Library HR of your plans to retire at least 60 days prior to your retirement date.
  • Departing employees should complete the Offboarding Form when requested by HR. This notifies Facilities and IT of the departure and helps coordinate the return of equipment and keys.
  • Departing employees are also invited to an optional exit interview by members of HR or ODT. These exit interviews allow us to collect valuable insights and feedback to improve the Library as an organization. Exit interviews are done individually and usually take 30-40 minutes.
  • For supervisors of departing employees, please use the Library Offboarding for the Supervisor checklist to help ensure a smooth offboarding process for your departing employee.

Graduate Assistant & Hourly Employees
  • Units are required to provide the Employee Separation and Exit Form for Graduate Assistant, Graduate Hourly, Academic Hourly and Extra Help Employees to those employee groups (students are not included) when they are fully separating from the University. Should the employee review and sign the form, a copy of the form should be emailed to the appropriate Library HR coordinator(s) (the Graduate Assistant Coordinator is Aneitre Johnson atjohnsn@illinois.edu and the Hourly Employee Coordinator is Hanna Lafond-Hyman hannal@illinois.edu). Units may choose to conduct exit interviews for their employees.
  • Hourly positions (Academic Hourly, Graduate Hourly, Extra Help, and Student) should be ended in JOYCE. Please view Ending a Position for a Hourly Employee for instructions.
  • If a Graduate Assistant is ending their contract early or if the contract is being ended due to performance the union process outlined in the Graduate Employee’s Organization (GEO) Contract must be followed. Please contact the Library HR Graduate Assistant Coordinator if you have questions about this process.
  • Graduate students cannot continue working graduate hourly positions after they graduate due to no longer being in student status. Their graduate hourly position must be ended and they must switch to an Academic Hourly or Extra Help position if they will continue working. Please view the Academic Hourly & Extra Help Recruitment page for more information on these employee classes and how to request them.

Required Documents for All Employees

Each separating employee should be provided with the following: