Graduate Assistant Overview for Supervisors

The University Library employs approximately 85 graduate assistants during the academic year typically from the University’s School of Information Sciences. Graduate students may apply and receive an appointment to a monthly-paid graduate assistantship. The appointments range from 25% (10 hrs/wk) to 50% (20 hrs/wk) full time equivalent time. Students must be appointed between 25% and 67% for 91 or more continuous days in order to qualify for a tuition waiver.

The following information covers information for Graduate Assistants from requesting funding to transitioning to another position after their assistantship.

  • Graduate Assistantship Allocation – Request Process
    • Reminder: second year positions must be requested and approved along with all other positions during the call in late fall.
  • Graduate Assistantship Policy – Number of Assistantships Per Information Sciences MSLIS Student
  • Create/update the Graduate Assistant’s position description – template
  • If you would like the position posted, email it to the Library Human Resources Graduate Assistantship Coordinator (information below)
  • Review graduate assistant applications received from the posting or from the Graduate Assistant Query Form
  • Review resources related to interview questions and limiting bias in interview searches
  • Complete a verbal offer to the candidate of choice (position, percentage, and the current GA rate for the academic year)
  • Complete the Graduate Assistant Request Letter Form
  • After the employee has signed the contract and before the end of the first week of employment, the GA and the supervisor need to sign a copy of the position description and submit it to the Library Graduate Assistant Coordinator.
  • Prepare/update onboarding materials
  • Need to track # of hours worked by graduate assistant and sick time used
    • Reminder that GAs receive 2 floating holidays and gift days
  • Reminder that GAs receiving breaks during their work day
    • GAs are exempt, there is no legal requirement to provide a break. However, supervisors are encouraged to be mindful that short breaks can help employees better focus, support their health and wellbeing, and improve their workplace satisfaction. With that being said, Illinois State Law states that an employee is to receive a minimum of 20 minutes after 5 hours of work.
  • Performance evaluations
  • End of contract
    • Ending contract due to performance – need to follow the union process outlined in the GEO Union Contract
    • Need an Exit checklist when the GA is no longer going to be returning to the library as an employee.
    • If GA leaves before the end of their contract, they need to submit a letter of resignation and complete the exit checklist
  • Transition between assistantship years – Grad Hourly
  • After graduation the employee can switch to an Extra Help or Academic Hourly position

If you have any questions about Graduate Assistantships please contact the Library Human Resources Graduate Assistantship Coordinator (currently Aneitre Johnson