Recruitment Process for Graduate Hourly & Student Positions

Last updated: 4/10/2024

  1. Confirm that funds are available for the position. Funding for these types of positions typically come from central Library funds distributed through the Library Budget Group or from unit discretionary funds (like endowments).
  2. If the supervisor/unit does not have a job description prepared, develop a job description for the position using this template.
  3. If the position should be posted on the Library Employment page please email the job description to the Hourly Employment Coordinator (information below). If someone has been chosen for the position, the job description does not need to be posted. Please move to step 5.
  4. Review applicants, conduct interviews, and select top applicant(s).
  5. Offer the position to the applicant(s).
  6. Once the applicant has accepted the position it is time to move on to the hiring process. Please view the Hourly Employees section of the hiring page for instructions on how to request the position.

Important: New positions must not start until the supervisor identified in JOYCE has received an automated email from stating that the position has been approved. Once the supervisor has received this email, the employee is cleared to start working as soon as the effective date on the Library Hourly Employment Record in the email.

The current Hourly Employment Coordinator is Hanna Lafond-Hyman ( Please reach out to her if you have any questions regarding JOYCE or hourly employment processes.