Recruitment Process for Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistantship Allocation - Request Process

The University Library provides graduate assistantships typically to selected iSchool students.  Due to the high demand by library units for the assistantships, the Library Administration has a process for identifying assistantship needs in their units and allocating the funding.

The Assistant Dean for Business and Human Resources shares the call for requests in late fall (November/December).  Typically Unit Heads (but sometimes individual faculty) will submit the GA requests via Webtools Form (or by the process noted in the call).

The requests are reviewed by the Budget Group to determine how many requests can be funded/approved and how the requests will be distributed across the library.

The Assistant Dean for Business and Human Resources notifies the Unit Heads of the decisions as soon as possible typically no later than the first week of February.


Questions regarding the Request Process – submit them to Library HR or the Assistant Dean for Business & HR (currently Susan Breakenridge

Recruitment, Posting, & Applying for Library Graduate Assistantships
  • GA Supervisors:
    • Create Position Description
      • Supervisor should submit their job descriptions (word document preferred) to the Library Human Resources Graduate Assistant Coordinator (currently Aneitre Johnson for posting to the library’s employment page.
    • Review applicants at the GA Query for supervisors – form
    • Select and interview candidates for the approved positions
    • Must redo for 2nd year appointments
    • If you have any questions about the interview process or would like resources for interview questions and minimizing bias, please contact the Library Graduate Assistant Coordinator.
    • Once you have selected someone please move on to the Graduate Assistant section of the Hiring page
  • Library Graduate Assistant Coordinator:
  • Graduate students – Application Process