New Employee Onboarding Checklists

Updated Checklists Available (1/2024)

Over the past several years, Library HR has revised onboarding checklists for Civil Service, Civil Service Professional, Academic Professional and Faculty employees (see below). To help clarify the onboarding process, these new checklists have separate versions for the supervisor and the employee.  They are listed in the table below in a printable .doc version.

The older checklists are also available below for roles such as GA, unit head, supervisor, etc., but will be revised in the future.

In addition, new employees may be interested in a Library Acronyms list.

Note: If you are the supervisor of an incoming faculty, academic professional, or civil service employee, please be sure to have submitted the forms that notify IT and Facilities to prepare computer equipment and workspace.

For questions, contact Library Human Resources at

Type of Checklist
New Civil Service Traditional Employee Checklist (Updated for 2024) For the employee For the supervisor
New Civil Service Professional Employee Checklist (Updated for 2024 for new/reclassified APs) For the employee For the supervisor
New Academic Professional Employee (Updated for 2024) For the employee For the supervisor
New Faculty Employee (Updated for 2024) For the employee For the unit head
Graduate Assistant Supplement     htmlPdf
Student Assistant Supplement     htmlPdf
Supervisor Information     html,  Pdf
Unit Head     Pdf
Checklist for New Librarians and Others with Teaching Responsibilities: Information Literacy      html, Pdf
Division Coordinators  Pdf      html