NEO Graduate Assistant Supplement

New Employee Orientation Checklist

Graduate Assistant Supplement

University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign


Graduate Assistant                                                               Unit                                                    


      Where to view contract:

      No time sheets submitted, unless you hold an additional hourly appointment

      Web time sheet instructions: 

      Check the Library Human Resources website for informational forms:

      Pay date is the 16th of the month for the month immediately preceding, e.g. September 16 for August 16 to September 15:  Graduate Assistant Pay Schedule (PDF)

      Most GA positions are 9 month with no vacation accrual

      Sick leave – 13 non-cumulative and non-compensable days available per appointment year

      Current GA salary rates: Graduate Assistant Salary Rates (PDF)

      Tuition and partial fee waiver (check with Library HR and/or GSLIS):

      Taxable tuition waiver over $5,250 per calendar year: Tuition Waiver Taxability (PDF)

       Withholding for taxable tuition waivers:




      Benefit usage reporting

      Your work schedule

      Unit coverage during breaks and on holidays:

      Using sick leave, calling in sick, “requesting” sick leave when appropriate


      Requesting leaves, forms required, FMLA, parental, bereavement

      Absences from regular duties, work related

      Inclement weather:




Safety and Security

      Keys are distributed by Library Facilities and must be requested by your unit:


      Your responsibilities in your unit

__  BEAP (Building Emergency Action Plan)

__  EEP  (Employee Emergency Procedures)

__  Main wiki landing page- links out to BEAP, EEP, and Disaster Plans

__  Illini Alert sign up

__  Clery Act responsibilities



      Ethics, campus policy, training, and requirements:

      Gift Ban policy:

      Conflict of commitment and interest:

      Workday expectations, your work day


      Research integrity and ethics:

      Service values:

      Principles on Academic Freedom:

      Statement on Professional Ethics (AAUP):


Equipment, Supplies, and Property Use

      How the equipment budget works for the Library

      Requesting meeting room and instruction space:

      Remote access to network resources

      Working from home:



      Library Listservs: LibNews, LibFac, LibStaff:

      Library Gateway:

      Online Directory:

      Online Directory updates:

      Telephone and Voice Mail, telephone number

      If you need to make long distance phone calls, contact your Unit Head.

      Library Staff website:

      Online Tracking Report Systems (OTRS):

      Email alias, wiki, blog used by department

      Squirrel mail for departmental email service:

      Growing People blog on staff training:

      LibChat Reference (request access via David Ward):

      LibAnswers(contact RIS)

      PaperCut printing:

      Access to folders on the G Drive:

      Permission to log OTRS tickets (requested by your department):

      WordPress access (requires training; requested by your department):

      LibGuides access (requires training). See your unit head or request from

      Voyager Account (see the following web page for department to request accounts):


Job Expectations

      Meet with your direct Supervisor

      Responsibilities of the Graduate Assistant

      Periodic review of progress

      Preservation/Conservation responsibilities

      Working with support staff

      Bargaining Unit information

      Other Graduate Assistant roles and responsibilities

      Library policies:

      Maximum/minimum enrollment levels


Benefits Information

      Student medical insurance under student status:

      Vision plan:

      Dental plan:

      Parental leave:


Performance Review and Evaluations

      Calendar for your Unit

      Graduate Assistant Evaluations and Exit interviews:




      Library policy and procedures, if your position is grant funded:

      Campus policy and procedures





      Graduate Employee Organization (GEO):

      University Human Resources:

      Graduate College Information:

      Graduate Handbook:


(Supervisor and Employee should initial this form)



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Phone Library Human Resources Office at 333-8169

Or visit


After checklist is completed, employee should retain a copy, and original should be returned to Library Human Resources.



Thank you                                                                                                        Rev. 08/115/2018