NEO Student Assistant Supplement

New Employee Orientation

Student Employees

University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign



Beginning Date                                                                                                                                  

Job Title                                                                                                                                             

Supervisor/Unit Head                                                                                                                        


Office Address                                                                    Mail Code                                              

Street Address                                                                    Office Phone Number                             


On or Before the First Day of Employment:


      Fill out new hire information in JOYCE


With the Library Human Resources Office

      Complete application with Library Human Resources Office

      Receive logon and temporary password for New NESSIE

      Complete New NESSIE electronic paperwork (including Ethics training)

      Verify whether or not student has College Work Study award (if student requires copy of award letter, available online)

      Direct deposit or I-card credit

      Complete I-9, requires two forms of identification, or passport

  • Student I-Card, to verify student status, and serves as photo ID
  • Social Security card, birth certificate, (others on back of form)

      International Students

  • Must have obtained social security number
  • Current Passport
  • Copy of I-20
  • Limit of number of hours of work? (check with OISA)

      Receive email from Library Human Resources Office that student is approved to begin work



      Time sheets, verify with supervisor where they are kept or if you will be filling them out electronically

      Schedule for submission of timesheets for on time pay (payroll schedule)

      Should time sheet be signed at beginning of pay period?

      Pay date

      Accessing pay statements


Attendance                     (We ‘bolded’ this section because it is SO important!)

      Time reporting

      Hours of work and schedule

      Flexibility of schedule, requesting change to work schedule, how your absence impacts other workers

      Opening and closing responsibilities

      Policy for substitutes for schedule


      How to report absences, yours and coworkers’, to whom? How much notice? How to notify (phone or email)?

      Scheduled absences from regular schedule, how much advance notice needed

      Inclement weather:

      Holidays, spring break, fall break, time between semesters

      Work shift breaks


Safety and Security

      Keys & Key Policy:

      Library Security Guards

      Location of “screamers” in unit

      Weather Radios

      Library Emergency Procedures Manual

  • Review evacuation plans
  • Fire Drills and Tornadoes
  • Civil Defense Sirens
  • Location of fire extinguishers

      First Aid


      Building and office access during emergencies

      Accidents and emergencies

      After-hours procedures


Personal Concerns

      Employee emergency contact information

      Breaks, lunch periods, available facilities

      Restroom locations

      Smoking policy

      Safeguarding personal belongings



      Appropriate dress and hygiene

      Appropriate telephone and email usage

      Appropriate use of computers during work time, surfing the web and downloading

      Food in the Library, Library Food Policy

What if you see patrons with food?

      Unit policy on use of radios, earphones, I-pods, other personal electronic devices


      Ethics, campus policy, training, and requirements (completed with Library HR)

      Work hours expectations, full shift

      Patron confidentiality:

      Sexual harassment

      Student Code of Conduct:

      Alcohol and other drugs

      Library etiquette


Equipment, supplies, and Property Use

      Use of computers during work time, (checking personal email)

      Copiers and microform readers, training and usage

      Printing requests and copying, copy cards, PaperCut:

      Fixing equipment or requesting repairs



      Communicating with Supervisor

      Communicating with other student staff, other civil service staff members

      Online Directory

      Telephone and Voice Mail, telephone number


Job Expectations

      Employee responsibilities

      Supervisor expectations

      Overview of job duties

      Role of student assistant within unit/department

      Role of unit/department within the Library, organizational chart

      Job responsibilities of other unit members

      Key unit contacts and referrals

      Standards, goals, and objectives of the unit

      Forms and reports, statistics


Performance Review and Evaluations

      Will your supervisor conduct a performance evaluation?


      Goal setting

      How to get feedback on your work



(Supervisor and Employee should initial this form)


Date this checklist was reviewed                                                              Initials                           




Phone Library Human Resources Office at 333-8169
Or visit



After checklist is completed, employee should retain a copy and the original should be returned to Library Human Resources.


Thank you!                                                                                                                     01/15/2013