Supervisor Information

  New Employee Orientation

University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign
Supervisor/Unit Head Information


Tasks to be completed prior to Employee start date:


By the Supervisor/Unit Head

      Send starting date and information to Library Human Resources

      Send welcome/introduction announcement to all on the employee’s first day, via LibNews (Unit Head or Division Coordinator is responsible for this task)

      Ensure cleanliness and order of the work area

      Be sure office keys are available for employee, request through OTRS-facilities

      Check status of telephone, long distance service, and voice mail

      Check status of computer and software, request through OTRS-IT

      Inform other staff in unit of arrival of new employee

      Personnel information regarding staff who report to the employee

      Prepare work related documents, e.g., annual reports, updated job description, account numbers and information, etc.

      Using Orientation Checklist, prepare orientation schedule being sure to include elements here not part of the checklist

By Library Human Resources Office

      Send logon and temporary password for New NESSIE to employee

      Make arrangements for I-9 completion

      Send welcome packet (include hang tag)

      Arrange to take employee to ID center and Campus Parking

      Once Employee information is complete in New NESSIE, enter in Banner

Supervisors/Unit Heads, the “New Employee Orientation” checklist is provided for your convenience and information. It is intended to be your guide as you orient your new employee during his or her first days of employment. You and the employee should each have a copy. As tasks are completed, they should be so marked on the sheet. It is recommended that the checklist be completed by the end of the third or fourth week of employment. If all tasks do not apply to your new employee, they should at least be referenced and so noted on the form. Separate sheets are available which highlight the differences which result from different employment groups, i.e., faculty, civil service, graduate assistant, and student. If there are any questions, please contact the Library Human Resources Office.                                                                01/16/13