Digital Exhibits by Funk ACES Library

West exterior of the ACES Library, Information, and Alumni Center with students walking through colorful fall trees.


Welcome to the Funk ACES Library

This exhibit is intended to help you get to know more about the library and what it has to offer.
(September 2020)



Allerton and the Landscape
(November 2017)


Medical Entomology
(May 2017)


Cooking Across Cultures digital exhibit
Cooking Across Cultures
(February 2017)


County and State Fairs digital exhibit title slide
County and State Fairs

(July 2016)


Public Parks Icon
Public Parks
(May 2016)


Tea leaf
Fair Trade
(March 2016)


British Agriculture Exhibit
British Agriculture
(November 2015)


Homemaking Exhibit
Homemaking in the 19th Century
(July 2015)


Exotic Plants Exhibit
Exotic Plants

(February 2015)