Contribute Materials

Might ACDC provide a good home for some of your professional materials?

Many topics fit into this collection

An important part of the ACDC collection is made up of materials generously donated by persons whose careers and interests focused in some way on agricultural communications, and by organizations involved in this field. The subject matter found in these donated collections focuses on a wide array of topics. In those collections you will see resources about topics such as:

  • Collaborative problem solving and consensus building in agricultural affairs
  • Information sources of farmers, food consumers and other stakeholders
  • Development, impacts and effects of information technologies used in agriculture, from earliest print materials through the latest social media and software
  • Media organizations and civic/citizen journalism in rural communities
  • Technical writing, reporting, use of audio-visuals and other skills for effective communications related to agriculture
  • Professional development of agricultural journalists and communicators, including their professional organizations and projects (such as the National Project in Agricultural Communications)
  • Roles of farm groups and other organizations in the agriculture complex
  • Roles and operations of communications units within agricultural organizations, Extension services, government agencies, agri-marketing firms and others.
  • Methods for teaching agricultural journalism and communications
  • Attitudes of farmers, consumers and others about matters related to food and agriculture
  • Access to agricultural information – needs, challenges, approaches
  • Innovative agricultural journals and journalists

The materials take many forms

Materials contributed by persons and organizations take many forms, such as:

  • Books
  • Journal articles
  • Unpublished commentaries, proposals, reports and other materials
  • Readership studies
  • Films, videos, slide sets, photographs
  • Audio tapes, cassettes
  • Advertisements
  • Historical issues of farm journals (such as Volume 1, Number 1 issues, anniversary issues)

How to know if your information may fit

You can use two questions in thinking about whether your information may fit into the ACDC collection:

  1. Is the information about human communication, by any means?
  2. Does it involve agriculture (broadly defined to include food, feed, fiber and renewable energy systems and enterprises – from research and production through processing, marketing, use and impact); natural resources; rural affairs; rural-urban relations and other aspects)?

If information contains both elements.communications and agriculture, it is likely to be appropriate. All documents in the ACDC collection involve communications aspects of agriculture. It is this combination that makes the collection uniquely valuable.

Interested in contributing?

If you believe you may have materials of interest to the Center and would like discuss contributing them, please contact Jim Evans at . We work actively with our contributors to establish arrangements they prefer