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Useful ways in which you can partner
With ACDC on your information projects

We spend much of our time adding resources to the collection, helping users identify information through their online searches of the ACDC database and helping users gain access to resources of interest.

In addition, we enjoy working on special projects with individuals and organizations.

Sample Projects

Here are a few examples of such projects in which we are partnering, or have partnered:

  • Writing professional development features. During the past seven years ACDC has provided and coordinated features for the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ). These online features, often based on resources in the ACDC collection, help agricultural journalists around the world share ideas and perspectives for working more effectively.
  • Coordinating a newsletter.  ACDC coordinates editorship of the monthly IFAJ e-newsletter, including production of issues in German as well as English language.  Translation resources at the University of Illinois can serve the diverse language interests of organizations such as IFAJ.
  • Custom literature reviews. One example involves a review of literature for a national distance education network about agricultural applications of new information and communications technologies.
  • Teaching workshops.  Resources in the ACDC collection and expertise of staff members have permitted us to provide workshops for students, faculty members and professional agricultural journalists and communicators.
  • Providing a home for organization records.  The University of Illinois Archives serves as home for the American Agricultural Editors’ Association (AAEA), Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT), Agricultural Publishers Association (APA) and National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB).  ACDC works with the organizations and the University Archives to plan and carry out these arrangements.

Projects of Any Size and Scope

Joyce and Stephanie
Let’s Brainstorm

Please get in touch with us when you wish to confer about projects on which we might collaborate.  It will be a pleasure to brainstorm about possible teaching, research or other projects that may serve your agenda.

Email: acdc@library.illinois.edu 
Telephone: 217-300-0029