Strategic Planning



The Agricultural Communications Documentation Center strives to bring together diverse, relevant literature about agricultural-related communications, and to develop and offer services which help the University of Illinois serve as a center of excellence in the agricultural communications discipline by strengthening  its commitment to teaching, research, and services on local, national, and international levels. Because of its uniqueness the center collection contributes to the vast University Library resources.


To be recognized globally as one of the leading repositories of agricultural communications literature both past and current, and to provide innovative services for our patrons, regardless of research skill level.


  1. To meet the research needs of patrons from around the world .
  2. To facilitate easy access to the collected literature through effective bibliographic organization, deep subject indexing, and an easily navigable database search system.
  3. To continually remain up-to-date on the relevant agricultural communications literature by adding 100 documents to the collection per month.
  4. To improve the quality of communication resources for our stakeholders through ongoing research and development.

Presentation about the ACDC