Commemorating the Library War Service

With centennial of the United States’ entry into World War I coming up on April 6, the American Library Association Archives is commemorating the centennial of the Library War Service, which was formed shortly after the US entered the Great War. Keep an eye on our blog, social media, and our site for the different ways that we’re remembering the Library War Service!

Since January, the Archives has been running a series of Library War Service blog posts. Read our new and old posts on the American Library Association and the Great War here!

For those of you looking research materials on the Library War Service or just want to browse through some of our digitized content, check out our World War I Library War Service Research Guide!

Physical exhibit curated by ALA Archives graduate assistant, Leanna Barcelona.

This month we will be rolling out our digital exhibit, A Book for Every Man: The American Library Association Library War Service! A physical exhibit is also currently on display at the University of Illinois Library in the Marshall Gallery.

And watch our social media feeds for digitized materials from the Archives on the Library War Service! The ALA Archives is currently on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr!