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The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

When Starr Carter witnesses the fatal shooting of Khalil, her childhood best friend, her life is turned upside down. The shooting becomes a national headline, but Starr’s best friends at her private, mostly-white high school do not know of her involvement in the incident. Starr struggles to keep her school life in Williamson separate from her family life in Garden Heights, the poor and dangerous black neighborhood where Starr grew up and lives. People are holding demonstrations in support of Khalil and tensions arise in Starr’s life. Starr is hesitant to become further involved with the shooting so as not to put her life at risk, but her words and actions could change the views of the community.

The Hate U Give is quite a heart-wrenching and fast-paced book. It faces the reality of living as an African-American poverty in crime-ridden, low-income neighborhoods while providing an intriguing, humorous plot. Additionally, the setting was well-portrayed and helps move the storyline along, keeping the reader on edge. The book is told from Starr’s point of view and is highly authentic and effective. Furthermore, the characters are well developed and contribute to the plot successfully. Books like these are especially necessary to spreading awareness of today’s racial issues in America, so I highly recommend reading it.

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