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Introduction and Description of Archives

The Uni High Archives consist of two collections. There are several cubic feet of Uni High documents stored in the University Archives, and there are several hundred documents located in the University High School Library, in room 201 of University High School at 1212 West Springfield Avenue, Urbana.

The Archives contain ten document types:

  1. Vertical file of miscellaneous items arranged by year. Items range from photographs to longitudinal study reports and class evaluations.
  2. Newspaper clippings of stories about Uni High and its students, faculty, and alumni. These clippings have been photocopied for preservation purposes. They are arranged by subject, then reverse chronological order.
  3. Student publications and other documents by and about students. These include yearbooks, literary publications, newsletters, event programs, and many other miscellaneous documents.
  4. Faculty publications. This collection consists of published articles, books and manuals written by past and present faculty members.
  5. Alumni publications. These are mostly alumni newsletters published under various titles.
  6. Administrative documents. These are of many different types, such as handbooks, policy statements, memos, and internal reports.
  7. Curriculum Laboratory documents. These are mainly dissertations and theses written with Uni High as the subject or object of the content, and various manuals written under the auspices of the Illinois Curriculum Laboratory.
  8. Publications about Uni High. These consist of newspaper articles and reports by University of Illinois students and others.
  9. Building and history. These are documents about the building where Uni High is located, and documents about the history of the school.
  10. Library documents. Many types of documents concerning the operation and development of the Uni High Library. The documents include annual reports, budgets, memos, policies and procedures.

Table of Contents

  • Holdings in University High School Library: Cabinets 1-3
    1. Vertical File of Miscellaneous Items Arranged by Year
    2. Newspaper Clippings
    3. Publications
      1. Published Student Writing
      2. Alumni Publications
      3. Faculty Publications
      4. School Publications
          1. Alum Uni
          2. U’n’I
          3. CQ Newsletter
          4. Other School Publications
      5. Publications about Uni High
    4. Programs
      1. Commencement Programs
      2. Performance Programs
      3. Reunion Programs
      4. Awards Programs
      5. Miscellaneous Programs
    5. Administrative Documents
      1. Directories
      2. Handbooks
      3. Parent-Faculty Calendars & Newsletters
      4. Memos, Minutes, and Documents – 1929 to present
      5. North Central Association Accreditation Reports
      6. Reports, Proposals, and Curriculum
    6. Curriculum Laboratory
    7. Building and History
    8. Library Documents
      1. Library Annual Reports
      2. Library Budgets
      3. Miscellaneous Library Documents
    9. Student Periodicals
      1. Gargoyle
      2. Just Us
      3. Tiny Illini
      4. Unique
      5. Last Words
      6. Other Student School Publications
    10. Yearbooks (located at Uni High Library Reference Desk)