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University Laboratory High School Library is a departmental library of the University of Illinois Library system. Uni faculty and students have access to all departmental libraries in the local system, and to the statewide university library borrowing system, I-Share. The primary purpose of the Library is to support the information needs of the curriculum, and, secondarily, to provide recreational and informational material for the personal and developmental use of students and staff.

The staff I-Card and student “prox” card serve as library cards and may be used to borrow in person in any departmental library. The fourteen-digit number on the card is the patron’s library identification number. Uni faculty have the same borrowing privileges as University faculty. Students and faculty may go in person to check out items from other departmental libraries or can request materials through the online catalog. Most materials can be delivered to the Uni High Library, including those from other colleges in our state library consortium, I-Share. If an item is not available through this consortium, patrons may request materials through Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery.

Uni High students have access to the University of Illinois Main Bookstacks, with prior written approval from the Uni High librarian as outlined in the Stacks Access policy.


Uni High Library holds over 12,000 monographic volumes and maintains a periodical display of over 25 popular titles plus a smaller professional collection aimed at the needs of faculty. In addition to these print publications, a variety of digital resources are available. The Library’s website serves as a gateway to the Web as well as the University Library’s resources, including the online catalog (providing access to e-books, online periodicals, streaming video, etc.), and a host of online databases. The Library website also contains locally developed guides to Internet search tools, class assignments, and reference sources on the Web.

Library materials can be renewed directly through the online catalog, by Uni Library staff, or by calling the University Library Central Access Services at 333-8400. Most materials from any of the departmental or consortial libraries can be returned to the Uni High Library. Overdue notices are sent by e-mail. University Library policy requires a minimum replacement fee of $125.00 for each item not returned ($300 for periodicals). These charges are removed when materials are returned.

For detailed University Library circulation policies and procedures, go to Borrowing Services Overview.

Instructional Services

The Library’s instructional role is to teach students to make wise choices in a complex information environment and to be intelligent consumers of information. This knowledge is best taught in context, integrated throughout the curriculum and in collaboration with classroom teachers. Some Library instructional units consist only of a short classroom presentation; others involve several days of hands-on experience in the Library or in the classroom spread over the course of several weeks. Please contact library staff to schedule time in the library and to discuss options. Library staff is happy to create online research guides for class projects and specific assignments. Library staff can also pull relevant materials from the collection and put them on a special shelf for student use. Even if no direct library instruction is required, please notify Library staff of upcoming assignments that require research so we can steer students in the right direction.

The Library provides a school-wide subscription to NoodleTools, an online bibliography and research support service. Further assistance is available at our Bibliography Help web page.

The Librarian offers occasional inservice sessions for faculty on the use of the online catalog and other Library resources. Sessions for individual teachers are always invited and can be scheduled at any time.

Collection Requests

The Library encourages requests for collection purchases from faculty members. We can usually accommodate book requests and most video requests. Because periodicals represent a recurring expense, a justification of long term need may be solicited. The Library materials budget cannot be used for textbook purchases, multiple copies of items for reserve use, or items purchased solely for classroom use.


To place materials on reserve, ask a Library staff member. Faculty typically bring in personal materials or ask staff to pull books from the collection. Teachers can specify the borrowing period for materials they place on reserve. Typical reserve loan periods are overnight and “library use only.” Overnight reserves may be checked out after 3 PM and are due by first period the next day. Uni High Library can also borrow a single copy of a book from other UIUC campus libraries and place them on reserve for Uni students.

Loanable Technology and A/V Support Services

The Uni High Library has a varied collection of loanable technology, from old school VCRs and audio cassette players to loanable laptops, digital cameras, audio recorders, e-reader and tablet devices.  Staff are available to assist with the setting up and basic troubleshooting of loanable audio-visual equipment.  However, Uni High Library does not always have the staff to deliver or operate equipment for teachers in their classrooms. Faculty are advised to pick up the equipment in the Library or send a student with a signed note to do so. If you are unfamiliar with the operation of a machine, we will be happy to give you some advance assistance. If a piece of equipment is damaged or inoperable, please tell a Library staff member.

Library staff also administer online reservation calendars for the use of a laptop cart, an iPod Touch cart, and the school’s two computer labs.

The Library’s main room features a flat panel display suitable for full-class presentations via DVD, internet connection, or other digital media formats.

Table of Contents Service

Uni High Library distributes copies of table of contents pages from our professional journal subscriptions. At the beginning of the year, faculty members who are interested in this service are asked to select titles from our list of holdings. Library staff will also photocopy selected articles at teachers’ request, or forward digital copies of the articles.

For Further Information

Please refer to our web page for further information about the Uni High Library. The web page contains links to more specific Library policies and to a host of information services. Uni High Library services are also governed by University Library policies.