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Introduction to Government Information

Citation Resources

Glossary of Government Information Terms

Depository and Professional Tools


Statistics, Numeric Data, and Microdata

Statistics and Numeric Data

Illinois Statistics by Subject

International Statistics and Data

Microdata Use


United States Government

U.S. Government Search Tools

Legislative, Regulatory and Judicial Law Sources

U.S. SuDoc & Agency List

Congressional Information for Historians

Science and Technology Reports


State Governments

State of Illinois Government Sources

Fifty State Government Information Sources

State List: Electronic Source of State Publications Lists


United Nations and Other International Organizations

United Nations

User’s Guide to United Nations Information

International Governmental and Nongovernmental Organizations

International Information by Subject


Canada, United Kingdom and Other Foreign Governments

Government of Canada

Government of the United Kingdom

Other Foreign Governments


Local and University Governments

Local Government Resources

University of Illinois Government Resources


Subject Guides

9/11 and Terrorism


Earth Sciences

Intellectual Property Rights

Media Sources Reporting on Government

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