America Runs on Government Information

Our Mission: Keeping the University of Illinois and Local Communities Informed



Government Information Services, Access, and Collections provides access to the largest and most comprehensive United States Federal Depository Library collection in east-central Illinois.

The University Library began collecting U.S. Federal documents of significant research value prior to becoming a depository in 1907, and therefore has a substantial collection of 19th century congressional materials, agency reports, and statistical series.  We have received all State of Illinois materials, including documents from the Illinois General Assembly and other Illinois state agencies, from the 1950s forward.

We have been a depository of the United Nations since its inception in 1946, collecting major agency reports, country information, and statistical series.  The Canadian depository program began in 1927 and the department began selectively collecting research materials in the areas of agriculture, trade, and statistics.  Our collection also includes a variety of indexes and other access tools for government information.  Increasingly, government information and documents are being produced in Internet accessible resources and files, CD-ROM, and DVD products.