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The University Library did not became a Canadian depository till 1927, but it has acquired Canadian government documents since the late nineteenth century and has a collection of significant value, especially in the areas of agriculture, education, the environment, health, natural resources, and transportation. Legislative material and major statistical series represent a large part of this content. These publications were issued by the Canadian parliament, executive departments and agencies, and Crown corporations.  Click on this link for a comprehensive list of Canadian departments and agencies.

The collection, which includes CDs, DVDs, Internet documents, printed material, and microfiche, is cataloged in Dewey and located in the Main Stacks and the Oak Street Library Facility. Electronic resources are cataloged using Canadian document numbers and housed in the Main Library Reading Room. To limit a search to the Canadian depository collection, choose the advanced search option in the Library’s catalogs and use ‘Canada’ as an author keyword.


United Kingdom

The University of Illinois has an extensive collection of British government publications. Parliamentary papers contain public bills, reports from committees and commissions, accounts, and command papers. For more information about the Parliament in the United Kingdom, see An Introduction to Parliament.

Sessional Papers, which are available in print and on microfiche and microfilm, are arranged chronologically by session years. In many instances, the Library owns the same materials in more than one format. Older (pre-1979/1980) Sessional Papers are uncatalogued but can be found in the D and E ranges on Deck 5 West in the Main stacks.  Since finding these materials can be a multistage process, consult a librarian if you need assistance.

Parliamentary publications from 1979/1980 onward are available on microfiche and are filed in numeric order by session and series.  The Library owns parliamentary papers from the 1993/1994 session to the present, and content for earlier sessions can be found in the Newspaper, History and Philosophy Library’s microform collection. Parliamentary papers up to the 1978/1979 session are available in bound volumes on Deck 5 West of the Main Stacks. The last volume for each session is an index that can be used to locate a particular papers for that session. The parliamentary papers up to and including the 1978/1979 session are uncatalogued. Volumes are shelved according to session and subject.



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