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Numeric and Spatial Data Services


Assistance with finding and formatting digital numeric and spatial data

This service is a joint project of the University Library and Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts and Sciences (ATLAS) and is available to everyone on campus. Services offered include: acquiring data sets needed for teaching and research, locating, downloading, and preparing data for secondary analysis, and identifying and creating course materials and teaching tools (including customized data sets drawn from various data repositories). 

Course-related instruction on finding and using data

Contact Karen Hogenboom (hogenboo at illinois dot edu, 333-2472) to schedule an introduction to geographic or numeric data for your class. There is an instructional lab in the library that has ArcGIS and SPSS installed on fourteen workstations if you do not have this software available in your classroom.  For LAS courses, ATLAS also offers course tutorials incorporating data and software instruction. (www.atlas.illinois.edu/services/stats/tutorials).


The Data Services Committee offers workshops on using specific data sets (ICPSR and Roper) as well as an introduction to geographic information systems. These workshops are offered during fall and spring semesters as part of the Savvy Researcher series.

Powerpoint for Intro to GIS workshop



Access to Data and Online Maps

The links below are arranged by geographic scope, from largest to most local. The links are chosen to be representative of the types of data available. If something you are looking for is not listed please contact us at sc at library dot illinois dot edu. For access to data sources about a particular subject, use the Delicious tags in the left margin of this page.

Numeric Data

Spatial Data

Online Maps (courtesy of the Map Library)