U.S. SuDoc & Agency List

SuDoc & Agency List of Internet Titles is a list of links to federal government publications online, mostly on the World Wide Web (WWW). SuDoc List follows the principle of Superintendent of Documents Classification, which organizes federal publications by issuing agency.  See An Explanation of the Superintendent of Documents Classification System for a detailed explanation of the SuDoc system.  However, SuDoc numbers are not listed for many links because the associated web pages do not have SuDoc numbers or a comparable print publication.

Agency homepage, overview, or gateway type web pages which in turn organize other pages on the agency’s website are listed first. Links without SuDoc numbers appear first under the issuing agency, followed by links with SuDoc numbers. Not all of the titles below correspond exactly to the paper version, if one exists.

Statistical databases are listed. Agency index or table of contents web pages which collate agency reports, papers, studies, series, etc. are included. Individual documents are included if they have a reputation for high use. Individual issues of serial publications which have date specific URLs and which become dated in a short time are not included. In most cases the agencies are good at changing the current document of a serial publication at their end, and a non-date specific URL is used to refer to the current issue. In these cases current statistical reports are included.


  • (Agriculture)
  • AE (Archives)
  • C (Commerce)
  • C3 (Census Bureau)
  • C 13 – C 63 (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • CC (Communications Commission)
  • CR (Civil Rights)
  • D (Defense)
  • E (Energy)
  • ED (Education)
  • EP (Environment)
  • FCA (Farm Credit)
  • FM (Mediation and Conciliatory Service)
  • FMC (Maritime)
  • FR (Federal Reserve)
  • GA (General Accountability Office)
  • GP (Government Printing Office)
  • GS (General Services Admin)
  • HE (Health and Human Services)
  • HH (Housing and Urban Development)
  • HS (Homeland Security)
  • I (Interior)
  • J (Justice)
  • JU (Federal Courts)
  • L (Labor)
  • LC (Library of Congress
  • LR (Labor Relations Board)
  • MS (Merit System Protection)
  • NAS (NASA)
  • NC (National Capital Planning)
  • NCU (NAtional Credit Union)
  • NF (National Foundation Arts and Humanities)
  • NMB (National Mediation Board)
  • NS (National Science Foundation)
  • OP (Overseas Private Investment)
  • P (Postal Service)
  • PE (Peace Corps)
  • PM (Personnel Management)
  • PR (White House)
  • PREX (Executive Office)
  • PRVP (Office of VP)
  • S (State Department)
  • SBA (Small Business Admin)
  • SI (Smithsonian)
  • SSA (Social Security)
  • T (Treasury)
  • TD (Transportation)
  • VA (Veterans Affairs)
  • X
  • Y (Congressional Publications)
  • Y 3 – Y 10 (Independent Commissions)|

A: Department of Agriculture (USDA) homepage
USDA Press Releases | Agency Reports
USDA Economics and Statistics System (Cornell)
Office of Inspector General
Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
My Plate Food Guide Information
A 1.38: Expenditures on Children by Families
A 1.47: Agricultural Statistics
A 1.77: Home and Garden Bulletins
A 13: Forest Service homepage
National Interagency Fire Center
Fall Color Hotline
          Forest Service Research and Development Performance and Accountability Report – Fiscal Year 2015
USDA Forest Service Strategic Plan: FY 2015-2020
Forest Service Publications
A 13.1: USDA Forest Service FY 2015 Annual Performance Report and Performance Plan for 2016-2018 (pdf)
A 13.10 Land Area Reports
A 13.2:2001003996 Wildland Fire Statistics
A 13.2:2001004012 Historically Significant Wildland Fires
A 13.32: Fire Management Today
A 13.52: Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets
A 13.63/13: Recent Publications of the Southeastern Forest Experiment Station
A 13.66/1: A Year In Review (Annual)
            A 13.66/14: Recent Publications of the Pacific Northwest Research Station
A 13.79/4: U.S. Forest Products Annual Market Review and Prospects, 2012-2016
A 13.80/3: Pulpwood Production in the Northeast
A 13.82/9-2: NC News
A 13.83: Grazing Statistical Summary
A 13.110/19: Wildland Waters (quarterly)
A 13.131: The Catalyst (now Conservation Education site)
A 13.138: Shawnee Quarterly
A 13.141: Gypsy Moth News (not updated since 1999)
A 13.150/1: Annual Report for … (Southern Research Station)
A 13.151/2-2: New Publications (Rocky Mountain Research Station) (quarterly)
A 13.151/6: RMRScience
A 13.151/7: Annual Report (Rocky Mountain Research Station)
A 13.153: International Programs News
A 17: National Agricultural Library (NAL, USDA) homepage
A 17.27/2: Animal Welfare Information Center Bulletin
A 17:31: AGRICOLA – AGRICultural OnLine Access (NAL catalog)
A 17.32: Educational and Training Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture
A 57: Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) homepage
Web Soil Survey
A 57.6/2:C 76/ National Handbook of Conservation Practices
A 57.38: List of Published Soil Surveys by State 
A 57.46/4-2: Nevada Annual Data Summary, Water Year
A 57.46/5-3: Oregon Cooperative Snow Survey Data of Federal-State-Private Cooperative Snow Surveys
A 57.46/6-3: Utah Annual Data Summary
A 57.46/7-2: Washington Annual Data Summary, Water Year
A 57.46/10: State Basin Outlook Reports
A 57.46/13-3: Alaska Snow Summary, Annual Data Summary
A 57.46/18-2: New Mexico Annual Data Summary, Water Year
A 57.46/19-2: Colorado Annual Data Summary, Water Year
A 57.75: Conservation in Your Community 
A 57.77: Soil Quality Information Sheets
A 57.78: NCSS (National Cooperative Soil Survey) Newsletter
A 62: Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
A 62.66: Crop Insurance Profile (All States)
A 67: Foreign Agricultural Service homepage
A 67.7/3: FAS Worldwide
A 67.18: Current World Production, Market and Trade Reports
A 67.40: U.S. Export Sales Reports
A 67.46: Agricultural Export Assistance Update Quarterly Report
A 67.47: Monthly Summary of Export Credit Guarantee Program Activity – https://apps.fas.usda.gov/excredits/monthly/1999/ecg2-99.html
A 68.6/2: List of Materials Acceptable for Use on Systems of RUS Electric Borrowers
A 68.6/5: List of Materials Acceptable for Use on Telecommunications Systems of RUS Borrowers (unavailable as of 12/05)
A 69.88/2-3: Farmer’s Markets Listed By State (biennial)
A 77: Agricultural Research Service (ARS, USDA) homepage
A 77.12: Agricultural Research Magazine – https://www.ars.usda.gov/northeast-area/docs/agricultural-research-magazine/
A 77.32/2: Quarterly Report of Selected Research Projects
A 77.40:N95 USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
A 77.518: Food and Nutrition Research Briefs
A 77.519: Healthy Animals (quarterly)
A 88: Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS, USDA) homepage
National Organic Program
A 88.11/4: Daily Spot Cotton Quotation
A 88.14/12: Dairy Plants Surveyed and Approved for USDA Grading Service
A 88.14/13: Dairy Market Statistics
A 88.15/23: Directory of Grading Offices and Plants Operating Under USDA Poultry and Egg Grading Programs
A 88.16/4: Livestock, Meat, and Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics
A 88.52/2: Plant Variety Protection Database
A 88.60: Pesticide Data Program Database
A 88.63: Items of Interest in Seed Control
A 88.68: Grain Transportation Reports – https://www.ams.usda.gov/services/transportation-analysis/gtr
A 88.70: Ocean Freight Rate Bulletin
A 92: National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS, USDA) homepage
NASS Statistics by Subject (Commodity)
Historical Agricultural Data (1987 is earliest available)
A 92.10/5: Dairy Products Annual Summary
A 92.16: Agricultural Prices Monthly
A 92.17: Meat Animals: Production, Disposition, Income
A 92.18/6-3: United States and Canadian Cattle
A 92.24/3: Crop Values
A 92.24/5-3: Farms and Land in Farms, Final Estimates
A 92.53/: Census of Agriculture
A 93: Economic Research Service (ERS, USDA) homepage
Situation and Outlook Reports: ERS Reports Calendar
Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators
U.S. State Fact Sheets (including U.S. Fact Sheet)
A 93.9/8: Agricultural Income and Finance
A 93.10/2: Agricultural Outlook
A 93.12/2: Vegetables and Specialties Situation and Outlook Report
A 93.12/3: Fruit and Tree Nuts Situation and Outlook
A 93/16/3: Food Review
A 93.17/7-5 Agricultural Trade Update
A 93.25: Tobacco Situation and Outlook Report
A 93.29/2-3: Outlook and Situation Reports
A 93.29/2-20: NAFTA, Situation and Outlook Series, International Agriculture and Trade Reports
A 93.29/3: World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates | (via Cornell)
A 93.41/2: Rural America at a glance (2014 edition) –  https://www.ers.usda.gov/publications/pub-details/?pubid=42897 (superceded by Amber Waves)
A 93.47/3: AREI Updates (unavailable as of 12/05)
A 93.60:2 Measuring food security in the United States : prevalence of food insecurity and hunger, by state
A 94.2:N 21/: National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program: Abstracts of Funded Research by State
A 94.23: Small Farm Digest
A 94.24: National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program: Abstracts of Funded Research
A 98: Food and Nutrition Service (FNS, USDA)
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (formerly the Food Stamp Program)
Women, Infants, and Children Program
A 98.19: Commodity Foods
A 98.19/2: Official USDA Food Plan: Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels
A 98.20:Family Economics and Nutrition Review – https://www.cnpp.usda.gov/family-economics-and-nutrition-review
Publications | Press Releases
A 101.34: List of Laboratories Approved to Receive Soil
A 109: Rural Business/Cooperative Service homepage – https://www.rd.usda.gov/about-rd/agencies/rural-business-cooperative-service
A 109.11: Rural Cooperatives – https://www.rd.usda.gov/publications/rural-cooperatives-magazine
A 110: Food Safety and Inspection Service homepage

A 110.19: Food Safety Educator

A 112: Farm Service Agency homepage
A 112.15: CFSA Commodity Fact Sheets
A 112.17: Crop Insurance Research and Development Bulletins
A 112.22: U.S. Warehouse Act Licensed Warehouses
A 112.20: Manager’s Bulletins
A 113.1: Annual Report of the Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyards Administration
A 113.15: Packers and Stockyards Statistical Report (annual)
AE: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) homepage
NARA Publications
Presidential Libraries of the National Archives and Records Administration (Hoover – Bush)
Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States (GPO FDsys)
Electronic Records Archives | State Level Casualty List for the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts
Office of the Inspector General
JFK Assassination Records Collection Reference System
Federal Records Centers
NARA Genealogy Page
AE 1.101/3: ISOO (Information Security  Oversight Office) Annual Report
AE 2.100: Office of the Federal Register
AE 2.106: Federal Register | Federal Register Documents on Public Inspection (daily pre-publication list) | Federal Register Indexes
AE 2.106/2: List of CFR Sections Affected
AE 2.106/3: Code of Federal Regulations
AE 2.106/4: Privacy Act Issuances
AE 2.108/2: United States Government Manual
AE 2.109: Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents
AE 2.110: Public Laws (GPO FDsys) | (Thomas)
AE 2.113:945-89: Codification of the Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders (1945 – 1989)
AE 2.114: Public Papers of the Presidents (University of Michigan)
AC: Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (Abolished in 1998)
B: Broadcasting Board of Governors
Press Releases
B 1.1: Annual Reports
C: Department of Commerce (DoC) homepage
DOC Press Releases
Economic Development Administration Newsroom
International Trade Publications
Economic Analysis Forms and Publications
Electronic Commerce Publications and Reports
Office of the Inspector General
Science and Technology Publications
Statistics and Research Publications
Environmental Management Publications
Federal Electronic Commerce Program
United States Government Electronic Commerce Policy
Export Portal
C 1.1/2: Semi-Annual Report of the Inspector General to the Congress
C 1.1/7: U.S. Government Working Group on Electronic Commerce (third and final annual report – 2000) (PDF)
C 1.1/7: U.S. Government Working Group on Electronic Commerce (second annual report – 1999)
C 1.1/7: U.S. Government Working Group on Electronic Commerce (first annual report – 1998)
C1.2:AU8/4 Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Industry Faces the 21st Century: The U.S. Automobile
C1.2:B52 Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Industry Faces the 21st Century: Biotechnology
C 1.2:D 56 The Digital Work Force: Building Infotech Skills at the Speed of Innovation
C 1.2:EF3/2 Effective Partnering: a Report to Congress on Federal Technology Partnerships
C 1.2:F 76/2 Foreign Science and Technology Information Sources in the Federal Government and Select Private Sector Organizations
C 1.2:SCI2 International Science Technology: Emerging Trends in Government Policies and Expenditures
C 1.2:SK3 21st Century Skills for 21st Century Jobs
C 1.2:ST 2/12 The STAT-USA/Internet Companion to International Marketing
C 1.2:ST3 Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Industry Faces the 21st Century: The Basic Steel Industry
C 1.2:ST8 Korea’s Strategy for Leadership in Research and Development
C 1.2:T 72 Trends in Japanese Textile Technology
C 1.2:2001035172 The Migration of U.S. Film Television Production: The Impact of “Runaways” and Small Business in the U.S. Film Industry
C 1.2:2001036029 The Global Context for U.S. Technology Policy
C 1.2:98026831 The Emerging Digital Economy
C 1.76/2: Commerce Business Daily Net (DoC)
C1.102: Minority Business Development Agency
C 3: U.S. Bureau of the Census homepage
Census Bureau Press Releases
Census Subjects A-Z
American FactFinder Data Access and Dissemination System
Census Portable Document Format (PDF) Publications Listing
Product Catalog: Descriptions and Prices
Census Bureau State Data Centers
International Programs Center (IPC) and International Data Base (IDB)
Survey Information | Economic
People and Households-Data by Subject
Housing Topics
Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP)
Current Population Survey (P-160)
Census Bureau Poverty Thresholds
Foreign Trade Statistics Database (Census Bureau)
TIGER/Line Mapping | U.S. Gazetteer
Census 2000 | Census 2000 Product Overview and Schedule
Census 2010 | Census 2010 Product Catalog
C 3.2:F 77: Federal Interagency Forum on Aging- Related Statistics – AgingStats.Gov
C 3.2:97008966 Property Owners and Managers Survey
C 3.2:97008980 Disability
C 3.2:97008991 Language Use Data
C 3.2:97009086 Housing, Then and Now: 50 Years of the Decennial Census
C 3.2:97009086 Economic Impact Assessments: Guidelines for Conducting and Interpreting Assessment Studies
C 3.2:98007048 National Population Projections
C 3.6/2:C 73/3/ Schedule B Export Codes
C 3.6/2:F49/6/92 Governments Finance and Employment Classification Manual
C 3.24/9-2: Annual Survey of Manufactures
C 3.31: Census of Agriculture (See A 92.53/) | agriculture publications
C3.133: Monthly Wholesale Trade
C 3.133/5: Annual Benchmark Report for Wholesale Trade (loads in pdf format)
C 3.134: Statistical Abstract of the United States
C 3.134/2: County and City Data Book (U of Virginia)
C 3.134/5: State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
C 3.138/3-5: Current Business Reports: Transportation Annual Survey
C 3.138/3-8: Annual Benchmark Report for Retail Trade (loads in pdf format)
C 3.145/4: Census of Governments | governments publications
C 3.158: Current Industrial Reports
C 3.158/2: Current Industrial Report: M3-1 Series: Manufacturers: Shipments, Inventories, and Orders
C 3.163/3: Census Catalog and Guide
C 3.163/7-2: Census Product Update (replacing) Monthly Product Announcements
C 3.164/185: U.S. Trade with Puerto Rico and U.S. Possessions, FT-895 (annual)
C 3.164:900: Imports of Steel Products
C 3.186: Current Population Reports

C 3.186/3-2: Voting and Registration in the Election of …

C3.186/17-2: America’s Families and Living Arrangements
C 3.191/: Government Finances: Federal, State, Local (including Schools)
C 3.204/3-: County Business Patterns: Census | U. of Virginia
C 3.204/3-1: County Business Patterns – Click for interactive map of all regions
C 3.205/3: World Population Profile | World Population Information
C 3.205/9: International Brief (IB) Series
C 3.215: Current Housing Reports
C 3.215/2 – C 3.215/9: Current Construction Reports
C 3.215/3: Current Construction Reports: Value of Construction Put in Place
C 3.215/13:C 22/: Current Construction Reports, C-22
C 3.215/19: American Housing Survey | Housing publications
C 3.215/20: American Housing Brief
C 3/215:H130: Current Housing Reports, H-130
C 3.216/3: Census of Mineral Industries (Census Bureau)
C 3.223/27:42: Measures of Help Available to Households in Need
C 3.238: Census and You Newsletter (monthly)
C 3.245/: Census of Construction Industries | Construction Statistics | Economic Census (OSU)
C 3.255: Census of Retail Trade | Retail Trade publications
C 3.256: Census of Wholesale Trade | Wholesale Trade publications
C 3.257/2: Census of Service Industries | Service Industry publications
C 3.266: Federal Aid to States
C 3.266/2: Consolidated Federal Funds Report (Census Bureau)
C 3.267: Quarterly Financial Report for Manufacturing, Mining and Trade Corporations
C 3.277: Economic Census 2007 |2002|1997 | 1992 |1987|1982| 1977  (Census Bureau)
C 3.277/2: Economic Census (various reports)
C 3.277/3: Economic Census, Company Statistics Series
C 3.282: 1990 Census of Population and Housing data lookup (Summary Tape Files)
C 3.287: Product Profiles
C 3.289: Annual Capital Expenditures
C 3.292: Census of Transportation, Communications, and Utilities
C 3.297: Continuous Measurement / American Community Survey
C 3.300: American Factfinder
Official US Time
C 13.1/12-9: Annual Report (Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory)
C 13.22: Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
C 13.48/4-2: Standard Reference Materials Price List
C 13.58/7: Directory of NVLAP Accredited Laboratories
C 21: Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) homepage
Trademark Electronic Search System – TESS
C 21.1/3: Trademark Public Advisory Committee Annual Report
C 21.1/4: Patent Public Advisory Committee Annual Report
C 21.2:R 26: Basic Facts about Registering a Trademark
C 21.2:97019118: Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure
C 21.3/2: U.S. Patent Classification System – Classification Definitions
C 21.5: Official Gazette Notices (weekly)
C 21.5/2: USPTO Web Patents Database | STO’s Internet Patent Search System
C 21.5/6-2: Official Gazette of United States Patent and Trademark Office: Patents
C 21.9/2: Attorneys and Agents Registered to Practice Before U.S. Patent Office
C 21.14/2:T67/: Trademark Examining Procedures
C 21.14/2:T67/3: Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure
C 21.15: Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
C 21.26/2: General Information Concerning Patents
C 21.30: Products and Services Catalog (USPTO)
C 21.33/2-2: USPTO Today (quarterly)
C 46: Economic Development Administration
Funding Opportunities
Investments Programs
C 51: National Technical Information Service (NTIS) homepage
NTIS New Products | Products Search
NTIS Database (via Elsevier , UIUC Gateway)
FedWorld Information Network
C 55: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) homepage
NOAA Central Library: Publication Sources
NOAA Library
C 55.32/7: Coastal Zone Conference Proceedings
C 55.32/8: Coastal GeoTools Conference Proceedings
C 55.49/3: NOAA Coastal Ocean Program, Decisions Analysis Series
C 55.49/5: Coastal Services
C 55.52: Earth System Monitor
C 55.53: NOAA Report
C 55.443: Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series (series)
C 55.100: National Weather Service (NWS) homepage
Internet Weather Source
Uses and Benefits of the National Weather Service River and Flood Forecasts
C 55.102: Floods: the Awesome Power
C 55.135: Mariners Weather Log
C 55.194: Climate Diagnostics Bulletin
C 55.200: National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) homepage
National Geophysical Data Center
C 55.209: Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin
C 55.212: Storm Data
C 55.300 National Marine Fisheries Service
C 55.310: Marine Fisheries Review
C 55.313: Fishery Bulletin
C 55.346: The Southwest Fisheries Science Center’s Billfish Newsletter
C 55.600 NOAA Research
Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory
C 55.601/5: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Activities … plans
C 55.618: Summary Report (Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory)
BEA News Releases
Corporate Profits (quarterly)
Economic Indicators from the Economic and Statistics Administration, U.S. Dept. Of Commerce
Direct Investment and multinational companies
C 59.11: Survey of Current Business
C 59.11/5: National Income and Product Accounts
C 59.11/5:929-94/V.1-2: National Income and Product Accounts of the United States, 1929-94
C 59.11/5-3: National Income and Product Accounts Tables (database)
C 59.20/2: U.S. Direct Investment Abroad
C 59.24: Regional Economic Account
C 60: National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) homepage
NTIA Newsroom | Publications | Grants
Americans in the Information Age: Falling Through the Net
Technology Opportunities Program Homepage (Formerly known as TIIAP)
C 61: International Trade Administration (ITA)
Office of Trade & Policy Analysis
Exports from U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Trade Compliance Center (TCC) homepage
Trade Agreements Database
U.S. ITC Tariff and Trade DataWeb
C 61.12: Reports, including Country Commercial Guides (formerly Overseas Business Reports)
C 61.18/2: Export America
C 61.42/2: BISNIS Search for Partners
C 61.43: Eastern Europe Business Bulletin
C 61.56: Results of Services Conference
C 63: Bureau of Industry and Security
BIS Press Releases | Annual Reports
Export Administration Regulations (EAR)
CC: Federal Communications Commission homepage
FCC Updates and Releases | Headlines
FCC Search Tools
FCC Office of the Inspector General
FCC Bureaus and Offices
FCC Online Filing | Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS)
Telecommunications Act of 1996
CC 1.35: Statistics of Communications Common Carriers
CC 1.56: Daily Digest (archive) | Today
CC 1.58: CCB Reports
CR: US Commission of Civil Rights
Commission Organization | Commission Powers
          Filing a Complaint | Complaint Referral Service
Civil Rights Directory
CCR Publications
                  Commission Reports
        Recent SAC Reports
                  Recent Briefing Reports
                  Administration of Justice
        Browse By Topic:
        Disability | Education | Employment | Enforcement | Housing | Race Relations | Voting
          CCR Recent Press Releases and Advisories
State Advisory Committees
Briefing on Bioterrorism and Health Care Disparities
D: Department of Defense homepage
News Releases
Office of Inspector General
Directorate for Information Operations and Reports | Statistical Information Analysis Division
SIAD Workforce Publications
D 1.1: Annual Report to the President and Congress (until 2005)
D 1.1/6: Ballistic Missile Defense Program Documents
D 1.6/4-5: Joint Federal Travel Regulations
D 1.6/11: Federal Acquisition Circulars, Regulation
D 1.6/16: Subcontracting Directory
D 1.6/17: Small Business Specialists
D 1.19: Annual Reports Submitted to the Committee on Armed Services of the U.S. Senate… Pursuant to the Uniform Code of Military Justice for the period
D 1.57: Procurement Statistics: 100 Companies Receiving the Largest Dollar Volume of Prime Contract Awards
D 1.57/3-5: Prime Contract Awards, Size Distribution
D 1.57/8: Educational and Other Nonprofit Institutions Receiving DOD Prime Awards of Contracts, Grants, and Agreements for Research. Development, Test, and Evaluation
D 1.58/4: Atlas/data Abstract for the United States and Selected Areas
D 1.60: Program Manager (bimonthly)
D 1.61/2: Civilian Manpower Statistics
D 1.61/3: Worldwide Manpower Distribution by Geographical Area
D 1.61/4: Selected Manpower Statistics
D 1.61/5: Distribution of Personnel by State and by Selected Locations
D 1.66: DSCA (facts book)– Foreign Military Sales, Foreign Military Construction Sales and Military Assistance Facts
D 1.76: DoD Index of Specifications and Standards (database)
D 1.86: DISAM Journal
D 1.95/2: Defense Acquisition Deskbook
D 1.95/5: FHP&R Magazine
D 1.96: Voting Information News
D  1.97: Defense Environmental Restoration Program
D 1.97/2: Annual Report and Strategic Investment Plan
D 1.105: Applied Language of Learning
D 1.107: Defense Science Board (DSB): General Publications
D 1.108: MDA TechUpdate
D 2: American Forces Information Service (AFIS) homepage
D 2.15/3: Defense Almanac
D 2.19: Early Bird (daily)
D 2.19/2: Radio-TV Defense Dialog (daily)
D 2.19/3: The Supplement (daily)
D 2.15/4: Defense Viewpoint/Defense Issues
D 5: Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) homepage
D 5.12/3: Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (pdf)
D 5.20: Joint Force Quarterly
D 5.200: Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) homepage
DIA History
D 5.300: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency homepage (formerly National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
Press Releases
D 5.361: NIMA Fact Sheet Directory
D 5.400: National Defense University
D 5.402:IN 2/6/: In Touch with Industry; ICAF Industry Studies
D 5.413/3: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Strategy Essay Competition. Essays
D 5.416: McNair Papers
D 5.417: Strategic Forum
D 5.417/2: Institute for National Strategic Studies: General Publications
D 5.419: Security and Defense Studies Review: Interdisciplinary Journal of the Center for Hemispherical Defense Studies (semiannual)
D 5.420: Defense Horizons (series)
D 7: Defense Logistics Agency homepage
D 7.6/20: DLA Customer Assistance Handbook
D 7.15/2: How to Get It: A Guide to Defense-Related Information Resources (pdf)
D 7.23/3: HTIS Bulletin
D 7.24: Energy Source (quarterly) (formerly Fuel Line)
D 7.43: LogLines
D 10: Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) homepage
Scientific and Technical Information Network (STINET) – Technical Reports Database (DTIC, 1974 – ) – bibliographic data
STINET Quick Search: Scientific and Technical Documents
Department of Defense Single Stock Point for Military Specifications, Standards and Related Publications – bibliographic data
D 10.11: Digest – Defense Technical Information Center (quarterly)
D 10.13: Militarily Critical Technologies (online database)
D 12: National Guard Homepage
D 15: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
News and Media
Nuclear Test Personnel Review Program (NTPR)
D 15.9/2: DTRA Threat Reduction Literature
D 101: Army Department homepage
Office of the United States Army Inspector General
U.S. Army War College
D 101.1/4-2: U.S. Army Materiel Command, Annual Command History
D 101.3/6-2: MANPRINT Quarterly
D 101.12: Soldiers
D 101.22/27: CTC Trends, NTC
D 101.22/28: CTC Trends, Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC)
D 101.22/30: Combat Training Center (CTC) Quarterly Bulletin
D 101.22:550: Country Studies/Area Handbooks Program (LC/Dept of Army)
D 101.42/3: U.S Army Medical Department Journal
D 101.52/3: Army AL&T (bimonthly)
D 101.69: Army Sustainment
D 101.72: Parameters (quarterly)
D 101.78/2: Armor (bimonthly)
D 101.84: Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin
D 101.87: PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly
D 101.89: Resource  Management
D 101.123: Army Families (quarterly)
D 101.125: Countermeasure (monthly)
D 101.127: The NCO Journal
D 101.128: Mercury (monthly)
D 101.137: TAPES Newsletter
D 101.146: Strategic Studies Institute homepage | Publications
D 101.146/2: Strategic Studies Institute: Conference Report (Series)
D 101.146/3: Letort Papers (series)
D 101.146/4: Army Issue Paper
D 101.146/5: Implementing Plan Colombia Special Series
D 102: Army Adjutant General
D 102.83: Infantry, U.S. Army Magazine
D 103: Army Corps of Engineers
D 103.1/2: Waterborne Commerce of the United States
D 103.69: Engineer Update
D 103.115: Engineer: the Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
D 103.116/2: Great Lakes Update
D 103.126: The Environment Update (quarterly)
D 104: Army Medical Department
News & Media
D 105: Army Ordnance Corps
Hall of Fame
Ordnance Corps Association
D 106: Quartermaster General Of the Army
D 106.3/4: Quartermaster Professional Bulletin (quarterly)
D 108: Army Judge Advocate General
D 109: Military Academy West Point
D 110: U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) homepage
D 110.7: Military Review (bi-monthly)
D 111: Army Electronics Research and Development Command
D 114: Military History Center
D 201: Navy Department homepage
Official US Time (USNO Master Clock)
D 201.1/1: Budget of the Department of the Navy
D 201.1/1-2: Highlights of the Department of the Navy FY … Budget
D 201.32: Fathom (quarterly)
D 201.40:B 86/: Highlights of the Department of the Navy, Biennial Budget (CD-ROM)
D 202: Naval Air Systems Command
D 202.9: Naval Aviation News
D 202.13: Approach Magazine
D 202.19: Mech Magazine
D 205: Navy Judge Advocate General
Region Legal Service Office Locator
Reading Room (Recent Publications)
D 206: Navy Medicine and Surgery Bureau
D 206.7: Navy Machine
D 207: Naval Operations Office
D 207.17: All Hands
D 207.18: Surface Water (bimonthly)
D 207.18/2: Undersea Warfare
D 207.200: Naval Education and Training Command
D 207.400 Naval Doctrine Command
D208: Navy Personnel Command
D 208.12/3-2: Shift Colors (quarterly), The Newsletter for Navy Retirees
D 208.19: Link (United States Navy Personnel Command)
D 208.22: Perspective (quarterly)
D 208.100: Naval Academy
D 208.200: Naval War College
D 208.209: Naval War College Review
D 208.212: Newport Papers
D 209: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
D 209.13: Navy Civil Engineer
D 210: Naval Research Office
D 210.11: Naval Research Reviews
D 210.11A: Naval Research Reviews (pdf)
D 211: Naval Sea Systems Command
D 212: Naval Supply Systems Command
D 212.14: Newsletter (United States. Navy. Supply Corps)
D 213: Naval Observatory
U.S. Time Zones
Current Time
D 214: United State Marines
Marine Corps History and Museums Division
Inspector General of the Marine Corps
D 214.9/9: Marine Corps doctrinal publications
D 214.24: Marines (quarterly)
D 214.27: Concepts & Programs
D 221: Naval Historical Center (NHC)
Search on NHC website
Reading Room (Publications)
D 301: United States AirForce homepage
D 301.2:R 73/2/EXEC.SUM.: Roswell Incident Report
D 301.8: Citizen Airman Magazine
D 301.26/2: Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals
D 301.26/24: Air & Space Power Journal
D 301.26/24-2: Air & Space Power Journal Em Portuguese
D 301.26/24-3: Air & Space Journal (Edicion hispanoamericana)
D 301.44: Flying Safety
D 301.44/2: Combat Edge (monthly)
D 301.44/3: Torch
D 301.45/19-13: Research Highlights
D 301.60: Airman Magazine
D 301.72/2: Wingman
D 301.73: Air Force Comptroller
D 301.80: Community College of the Air Force, Catalog
D 301.83/3: United States Air Force Statistical Digest
D 301.91: Air Force Journal of Logistics (quarterly)
D 301.120: Air Force Policy Letter Digest (monthly)
D 301.121: ASC MSRC Journal
D 302: Air Force Judge Advocate General
Reading Room
D 304: Air Force Office of the Surgeon General
Medical Facilities
D 305: Air Force Academy
Air Base Wing
D 305.24: INNS Occasional Paper
E: Department of Energy homepage
DOE News & Blog
GrayLit Network: Technical Reports (OSTI, DOE)
E 1.2K: Impact of the Kyoto Protocols on U.S. Energy Markets and Economic Activity
E 1.8/5: Fuel Economy Guide (annual)
E 1.17/2: DOE Reports Bibliographic Database
E 1.19/4: Energy Science News
E 1.20/3:EH-0542: Building Public Trust: Actions To Respond to the Report of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments | Office of Human Radiation Experiments
E 1.20/5: Sandia Technology(quarterly)
E 1.23: Materials and Components in Fossil Energy Applications Newsletter
E 1.53: Science and Technology Review (formerly Energy and Technology Review)
E 1.54: DOE This Month
E 1.68/2-2: OCRWM Enterprise
E 1.68/2-7: Annual Report to Congress – DOE Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
E 1.84/4: Clean Coal Today
E 1.84/5: Clean Coal Technology Compendium (Topical Reports)
E 1.86/90: Tech Transfer Highlights
E 1.90/10: Technology Fact Sheet
E 1.90/9: Online Fact Sheets on Fossil Energy Projects
E 1.96: Los Alamos Science
E 1.113: Beam Line
E 1.115: Inquiry (annual)
E 1.120: Fuel Economy guide (annual)
E 1.120/2: Partner Update
E 1.137: DOE Information Bridge (full- text database)
E 1.137/4: Energy Citations Database (online database)
E 1.140/3: Energy Matters (OIT Newsletter) (quarterly)
E 1.143: Report on Inadvertent Releases of Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data Under Executive Order 12958
E 1.144: Protecting Human Subjects (quarterly)
E 2: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Current Projects
News Releases
Decisions and Notices
E 2.1: Annual Reports
E 2.1/2: FY … Performance and Accountability Report (Annual)
E 2.12/2: Telephone Directory
E 3: Energy Information Administration (EIA) | Reports & Publications
Energy Analysis & Projections
Country Analysis Briefs (EIA)
E 3.1/2: Annual Energy Review
E 3.1/4: Annual Energy Outlook
E 3.9: Monthly Energy Review
E 3.11: Natural Gas Monthly
E 3.11/2-2: Natural Gas Annual
E 3.11/4: Weekly U.S Coal Production Overview
E 3.11/5: Petroleum Supply Monthly
E 3.11/5-6: International Petroleum Monthly
E 3.11/9: Quarterly Coal Report
E 3.11/11-3: Fuel Oil and Kerosene Sales
E 3.11/17-8: Electric Power Monthly
E 3.11/17-10: Electric Power Annual
E 3.11/20: International Energy Annual
E 3.11/20-3: International Energy Outlook
E 3.13/4: Petroleum Marketing Monthly
E 3.18/4-3: Financial Statistics of Major U.S. Publicly Owned Electric Utilities  (1994-2000) scroll down in this site to find the report
E 3.19/2: Renewable Energy Annual
E 3.27/6: Energy Education Resources, Kindergarten through 12th grade (annual)
E 3.29/2: Inventory of Non-utility Electric Power Plants in the United States (annual) (EL)
E 3.31: Short Term Energy Outlook
E 3.32: Weekly Petroleum Status Report
E 3.33: Energy Information Directory
E 3.34: U.S Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids Reserves Annual Report
E 3.34/2: Oil and Gas Field Code Master List
E 3.42: State Energy Data Report
E 3.46/5: Uranium Industry Annual
E 3.59: Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States
E 3.59/2: Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Annual Report
E 6: Western Area Power Administration
Federal Register Notices
Power Operations
E 8: Southeastern Power Administration
E 8.1: Southeastern Power Administration Annual Report
E 9: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Project Development
E 9.15: Energy Matters
E 10: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
E 10.17: Progress Report for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and Infrastructure Technologies Program
ED: Department of Education homepage
Education News Releases | Publications
Office of the Inspector General
National Library of Education
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Office of Federal Student Aid | Studentaid.gov
ED 1.2/17: Catalyst
ED 1.2:F 96/3/(DATE)/SPAN: Como Pagar Su Educacion (Funding Your Education)
ED 1.10/2: Guide to Department of Education Programs
ED 1.33/5: A.L.L. Points Bulletin
ED 1.40/5: Direct Loans Newsletter
ED 1.45/4: Student Financial Aid Handbooks
ED 1.73:ST 9/: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Online
ED 1.76: GEN (series)
ED 1.76/2: ANN (series)
ED 1.76/2-2: P (series)
ED 1.76/2-4: L (series)
ED 1.77: The Challenge: Safe & Drug-Free Schools Newsletter
ED 1.83: Student Aid Audio Guide
ED 1.85/2: Community Update
ED 1.92/2: Federal School Code (database)
ED 1.100: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
NCES Fast Facts
NCES Electronic Catalog
Encyclopedia of ED States: Compendium Titles | Browse by Subjects
NCES Surveys and Program Areas
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) (The Nation’s Report Card)
College Navigator
ED 1.102:C 86/: Indicators of School Crime and Safety
ED 1.102:F 76/2/: Federal Forecasters Conference
ED 1.102:2000020030: NPEC Sourcebook on Assessment, Volume 1: Definitions and Assessment Methods for Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Writing (pdf)
ED 1.102:2001001415: NPEC Sourcebook on Assessment, Volume 2: Selected Institutions Utilizing Assessment Results (pdf)
ED 1.109: Condition of Education
ED 1.120: Projections of Education Statistics (NCES)
ED 1.135 Public Libraries in the United States
ED 1.136/10: NAEP Year-At-A-Glance
ED 1.200: Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) homepage
Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)
National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)
ED 1.300: Institute of Education Sciences homepage
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) homepage
ED 1.308: Managing the Price of College: A Handbook for Students and Families
ED 1.310: Resources in Education
         ED 1.310/2: Indicators of school crime and safety
ED 1.310/6: The ERIC Database
ED 1.326: Digest of Education Statistics
ED 1.327: Youth Indicators
ED 1.328/6:2000022945: College Quality & the Earnings of Recent College Graduates
ED 1.328/8: Federal Support for Education (annual)
ED 1.328/13: Education Statistics Quarterly
ED 1.331/2: ERIC Digests
ED 1.334/3: Public Library Data | Public Library Funding
ED 1.334/4: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPED)
ED 1.334/6: School District Data Book
ED 1.337: Field-Initiated Studies (FIS) Grant Awards Abstracts
ED 1.340/2: ENC Focus
ED 1.347: Indicators of School Crime and Safety
ED 1.400: Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Programs and Initiatives
Reports and Resources
EP: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) homepage
EPA Press Releases | Publications
EPA A-Z Index
National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP)
National Library Network Program (directory of EPA libraries/EPA OPAC)
Office of the Inspector General
Envirofacts: Data Warehouse and Applications
National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA)
Science Advisory Board
Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT)
Catalog of Hazardous and Solid Waste Publications
Toxics Release Inventory
Climate Change
Superfund Program | National Priorities List (EPA)
Environmental Justice (OEJ, OECA)
EP 1.1: Annual Report
EP 1.1/4: Summary of the Budget
EP 1.1/9: Report of the Good Neighbor Environmental Board to the President and Congress of the U.S. (annual)
EP 1.17: Municipal Solid Waste in the United States
EP 1.17/5: Reusable News
EP 1.17:530-N/: Native American Network
EP 1.104/3: National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report
EP 1.107/3: National Priorities List
EP 1.115: Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks
EP 1.116: The State of Federal Facilities (biennial)
EP 2: Office of Water
Funding and Grants
New Strategic Plan
EP 2.3/4: Labcert Bulletin
EP 2.17/2: National Water Quality Inventory: Report to Congress (biennial)
EP 4: Office of Air and Radiation
Grants and Funding
EP 4.1: Annual Report (United States Environmental Protection Agency. Climate Protection Partnerships Division)
EP 4.65: Quality Assurance Report, Calendar Year
EP 5: Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention
Pesticides Programs
Laws and Regulations
EP 5.1: Office of Pesticide Programs Annual Reports
EP 5.26: Pollution Prevention News (EL)
EP 7: Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer Network
EP 8: Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds
Laws & Regulations, Statutes/ Treaties
EP 8.17: The Water Monitor
EP 9: Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office
Laws and Regulations
News and Events
EP 10.17: Partners In Progress (irregular)
FCA: Farm Credit Administration
FCA Publications
FCA Strategic Plan (annual)
FCA Performance and Accountability Report
Office of the Inspector General
News Releases
FCA 1.1/3: Farm Credit Administration Annual Performance Plan (annual)
FM: Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Recent Articles
Annual Performance Plan
Strategic Plan
FM 1.1: Annual Report
FMC: Federal Maritime Commission homepage
Office of the Inspector General
FMC 1.1/2: Freedom of Information Act Annual Report
FMC 1.7: News Releases (Federal Maritime Commission)
FMC 1.9/3: Speeches and Remarks
FMC 1.10/2: Formal Docket Decisions
FMC 1.10/3: Small Claims Decisions (Informal Dockets)
FMC 1.13: Commonly Used Commission Forms
FMC 1.15: Telephone Directory
FR: Federal Reserve System Board of Governors (FRB) homepage
Site Map
Federal Reserve Press Releases | Statistics: Releases and Historical Data | Publications
Research and Data
Federal Reserve Districts
Publications Catalog (FRBNY)
Federal Reserve National Information Center
Fed-in-Print: Database of Federal Reserve System Economic Research (FRBSF)
Federal Reserve Consumer Information
Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)
Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States (weekly)
Beige Book: Summary of Commentary of Current Economic Conditions (8/year)
Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States (quarterly)
Monetary Policy Report to the Congress (semi-annually)
Survey of Consumer Finances (triennially)
U.S. Reserve Assets and Foreign Official Assets Held at Federal Reserve Banks (monthly)
FR 1.3: Federal Reserve Bulletin (selected articles, monthly)
FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Data (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Market Statistics
Consumer Information (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago) | Money Smart Week
Inflation Calculator (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)
Industry Calculation Tools and Tips (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
FT: Federal Trade Commission
News Releases, Speeches, Events
Business Information
Office of the Inspector General
Consumer Protection
Consumer Information-Identity Theft
FT 1.1/3: Annual Report to Congress Fiscal Year … Pursuant to Subscription (j) of Section 7A of the Clayton Act, Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976
FT 1.2:2001006846: Identity Theft: When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name
FT 1.2:C 86/13: Fair Credit Reporting Act
FT 1.36: Tar, Nicotine, and Carbon Monoxide of the Smoke of… Varieties of Domestic Cigarettes (Annual) (pdf)
GA: General Accountability Office (GAO) homepage (formerly General Accounting Office)
GAO Reports and Testimony, including Month in Review | Daybook (daily Reports and Testimony)
GAO Federal Rules Database
Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
GA 1.1: Performance and Accountability Report
GA 1.1/3: General Accounting Office, Strategic Plan (biennial)
GA 1.13:OCG-99-12: Major Challenges and Program Risks: Department of State (pdf)
GA 1.13:RCED-00-40: Pesticides: Improvements Needed to Ensure the Safety of Farmworkers and Their Children (pdf)
GA 1.13:RCED-00-53: School Meal Programs: Few Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness Reported (pdf)
GA 1.16/3: Month in Review
GA 1.16/3-3: Abstracts of Reports and Testimony
GA 1.27/2: Organizational Telephone Directory
GP: Government Printing Office (GPO) homepage
GPO Organizational Chart
Keeping America Informed: Federal Depository Library Program
FDLP Collections & Databases
FDLP Shipping Lists
GP 1.1: Annual Report (Government Printing Office)
GP 3: Superintendent of Documents
Recent Reports
GP 3.8/8-9: Catalog of United States Government Publications (GPO)
GP 3.9: U.S. Government Subscriptions Catalog (quarterly)
GP 3.16/3-2: Administrative Notes (FDLP monthly newsletter)
GP 3.16/3-3: Administrative Notes Technical Supplement (monthly)
GP 3.22/2: Subject Bibliographies | Subject Bibliographies Index
GP 3.22/7: Sales Product Catalog (formerly Publications Reference File)
GP 3.24: FDLP List of Classes (GPO)
GP 3.26:D 44: Instructions to Depository Libraries
GP 3.29:D 44/3: Designation Handbook for Federal Depository Libraries
GP 3.29:D 44/993: Federal Depository Library Manual (and Supplements)
GP 3.29:D 44/993/SUPP: Collection Development Guidelines for Selective Federal Depository Libraries
GP 3.29:D 44/993/SUPP.2: Guidelines for the Federal Depository Library Program
GP 3.29:P 88: GPO Classification Manual: A Practical Guide to the Superintendent of Documents Classification System
GP 3.31: Needs and Offers List
GP 3.36/2-2: Federal Depository Library Directory
GP 3.38/2: The Federal Acquisition Regulation
GP 3.39: Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
GP 3.40: New Electronic Titles
GS: General Services Administration homepage
Federal Bulletin Board
GSA Legislations and Regulations
GSA Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) homepage
GSA Auctions
Office of the Inspector General
Federal Information Technology Accessibility Initiative (FITAI)
Center for Information Technology Services and Solutions
GSA Great Lakes Region (5) | Kansas City Region (6)
GS 1.6/10: FAR Database Homepage
GS 1.15/2: Summary Report on Real Property Leased by United States Throughout the World
GS 1.41: FedBizOpps (Online Database)
GS 1.42: Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
GS 2: Federal Supply Service
Business Lines
GS 2.17: MarkeTips: A Newsletter for FSS Customers
GS 11: Consumer Information Center homepage
GS 11.9: Consumer Information Catalog (quarterly)
GS 11.9/3: Consumer Action Handbook (aka Consumer Resource Handbook)
GS 11.9/3-2: Consumer Focus
GS 12: Federal Technology Service homepage
Blue Pages: Online Guide to the U.S. Government (GSA) (URLs, phone numbers)
GS 14: Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
GS 14.7: JFMIP News (quarterly)
GS 14.15: Core Competencies
GS 14.16: Exposure Drafts
GS 14.17: System Requirements
HE: Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) homepage | About HHS
HHS Newsroom
HealthFinder: Consumer Health and Human Services Gateway
HHS Poverty Guidelines, Research and Measurement
Office of the Inspector General
Homelessness Resources
HE 1.6/7: Grants Policy Directives, Grants Administration Manual
HE 1.62: PIC Highlights
HE 1.63: Trends in the Well-Being of America’s Children and Youth
HE 1.1000: Administration on Aging (AOA) homepage
AOA Press Releases
Statistical Information on Older Persons
HE 1.1002:96000165: Resource Directory for Older People
HE 1.1013: Information Memoranda
HE 20.100: President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
Resource Center
HE 20.114: PCPFS Research Digests
HE 20.300: Indian Health Service (IHS) homepage
IHS Press Releases | Publications
HE 20.316: Trends in Indian Health 2002-2003
HE 20.400: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) homepage
SAHMSA Press Releases | Information Clearinghouses and Collections
Center for Mental Health Services
National Mental Health Services Knowledge Exchange Network
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive (via ICPSR)
HE 20.408:2001001086: Mental Health Care for People Living with or Affected by HIV/AIDS
HE 20.410/3: National Directory of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment and Prevention Programs
HE 20.417: National Household Survey on Drug Abuse
HE 20.425: SAMHSA Notes
HE 20.427/2: Consumer Information Series
HE 20.427/4: Mental Health United States (biennial)
  HE 20.500: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Priority List for Hazardous Substances
Hazardous Waste Sites
Funding Opportunities
HE 20.516: Hazardous Substances & Public Health
HE 20.3000: National Institutes of Health (NIH) homepage
NIH Press Releases | Publications
NIH Institutes and Offices
NIH Funding Opportunities: Grants, Contracts, Training
NIH Office of Extramural Research
ClinicalTrials.gov (NIH/NLM)
HE 20.3007/3: NIH Record
HE 20.3008/2: NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts
HE 20.3013/6: NCRR Reporter
HE 20.3015/2: Summer Research Fellowship Program Catalog (National Institutes of Health)
HE 20.3037: Telephone and Service Directory
HE 20.3037/6: Resources for Biomedical Research Technology
HE 20.3044: Medical Staff Handbook
HE 20.3055/2: NIH Extramural Data and Trends
HE 20.3150: National Cancer Institute
Atlas of Cancer Mortality in the United States, 1950-1994
HE 20.3174: NCI Fact Book
HE 20.3180: NCI Investigational Drugs, Chemical Information
HE 20.3180/2: NCI Investigational Drugs, Pharmaceutical Data
HE 20.3186: Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program: Cancer Statistics Database
HE 20.3186/2: The researchers’ Toolbox
HE 20.3194: PLCO News
HE 20.3200: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Information and Publications
Current Press Releases
Press Release Archive
Funding, Training, and Policies
HE 20.3226: Morbidity and Mortality : Chartbook and Cardiovascular Lung and Blood Diseases
HE 20.3250: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Biodefense Program
Funding Opportunities
HE 20.3300: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Research Resources
Reports, Testimony, and Plans
HE 20.3324/2: Research Updates in Kidney and Urologic Health (semiannual)
HE 20.3469: NIGMS Minority Programs Update
HE 20.3559: Environmental Health Perspectives (monthly)
HE 20.3600: National Library of Medicine (NLM) homepage
MEDLINE | MESH Subject Headings
MEDLINEplus – links to online resources
HE 20.3615/3: HIV/AIDS Information
HE 20.3627: PubMed (MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE, other databases)
HE 20.3850: National Institute on Aging
HE 20.3869: Progress Report on Alzheimer’s Disease
HE 20.3965: NIDA Research Monographs
HE 20.3968: National Survey Results on Drug Use from the Monitoring the Future Study (annual)
HE 20.3971: Community Drug Alert Bulletin
HE 20.4000: Food and Drug Administration homepage (FDA)
FDA Index by Alphabetical Subject
Consumer Information
MedWatch: Medical Products Reporting Program
HE 20.4010: FDA Consumer
HE 20.4039: FDA Enforcement Report
HE 20.4410: FDA Veterinarian Newsletter
HE 20.4500: Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition homepage (CFSAN)
Food Labeling and Nutrition Information
Dietary Supplements Information
Biotechnology Information
Pesticides, Metals, Chemical Contaminants, and Natural Toxins
Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia
HE 20.4618: Center for Devices & Radiological Health, Office of Science and Technology Annual Report
HE 20.4715: Electronic Orange Book: Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations
HE 20.6200: National Center for Health Statistics homepage (NCHS)
NCHS Press Releases | Publications
Fastats: NCHS Index by Alphabetical Subject
NCHS Data Warehouse | CDC Wonder (search)
Ambulatory Health Care Data
HE 20.6209: Vital and Health Statistics
HE 20.6209/3: Advance Data from Vital and Health Statistics
HE 20.6209/7: National Annual Discharge Survey: Annual Summary
HE 20.6210/2: Where to Write for Vital Records
HE 20.6215: Life Tables
HE 20.6217: National Vital Statistics Reports (formerly Monthly Vital Statistics Reports)
HE 20.6230: Healthy People 2000, Statistical Notes
HE 20.6233: Aging Trends
HE 20.6500: Agency for Healthcare Research Quality homepage (formerly known as AHCPR)
AHCPR Press Releases | Grant Announcements
AHCPR Research Findings
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project – HCUP
HE 20.6509/3: AHRQ Publications Catalog
HE 20.6512/5: Research Activities (monthly newsletter)
HE 20.6514/4: HCUP Fact Book (semiannual)
HE 20.6517: Medical Expenditure Panel Survey – MEPS
HE 20.7000: Centers for Disease Control And Prevention homepage (CDC)
CDC Press Releases | Publications | Fact Sheets
CDC Centers and Institutes
Health Information by Alphabetical Subject
CDC Wonder (Interface to NCHS data sets)
Scientific Data, Surveillance, Health Statistics, and Laboratory Information
Public Health Image Library
Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS)
HE 20.7009: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report – MMWR
HE 20.7009/2-2: MMWR Recommendation and Report
HE 20.7042/6: Health, United States
HE 20.7044: CDC Wonder (online database)
HE 20.7100: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) homepage
NIOSH Press Releases | Publications
NIOSH Federal Register Notices
Occupational Diseases: A Guide to Their Recognition
National Occupational Research Agenda – NORA
HE 20.7300: National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention
National Prevention Information Networks
HE 20.7310: Tuberculosis Statistics in the United States
HE 20.7310/2: TB Notes
HE 20.7320: HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report
HE 20.7402: Health, United States
HE 20.7500: National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) homepage
NCEH Publications and Products
HE 20.7515: National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
HE 20.7617: Chronic Disease Notes & Reports
HE 20.7800: National Center for Infectious Diseases
HE 20.7817: Emerging Infectious Diseases
HE 20.7818: Blue Sheet: Summary of Health Information for International Travel
HE 20.7900: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) homepage
ATSDR Announcements | National Alerts – Toxic Substances (ATSDR)
ATSDR Public Health Advisories
Hazardous Substances Emergency Event Surveillance Annual Report 1996
Internet HazDat: Hazardous Substances Release and Health Effects Database
CERCLA Priority List of Hazardous Substances 1997 (ATSDR, HHS) | Top Twenty
Hazardous Substance & Public Health (ATSDR quarterly newsletter)HE 20.7956: Injury Control Update
HE 20.7970: Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (annual)
HE 20.8100: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) homepage
Annual Research Roundtable
Statistics | Press Room
HE 20.8139: NIMH Research Fact Sheets
HE 20.8200: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) homepage
HE 20.8202: National Household Survey on Drug Abuse
HE 20.8309: Alcohol Research & Health
HE 20.8313: Special Report to the U.S. Congress on Alcohol and Health from the Secretary of Health and Human Services
HE 20.8324: Surveillance Reports (irregular)
HE 20.9000: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) homepage
HRSA Press Releases | Newsroom | Publications, Resources, and Referrals
HE 20.9110: National Health Service Corps Information Bulletin
HE 20.9110/9: NHSC in Touch
HE 20.9216: Women’s Health USA (annual)
HE 20.9217/2: HRSA State Health Workforce Profiles, Highlights (Database)
HE 20.9317: HRSA State Health Workforce Profiles (Database)
HE 20.9516: HRSA Care Action
HE 22: Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services
Newsroom Center | Research, Statistics, Data, and Systems
Medicare | Publications
Trustees Report on the Status of the Medicare Trust Fund (annual)
Medicaid Under Welfare Reform Overview
HE 22.8/10: Medicaid Bureau – State Medicaid Manual – Welfare Reform Changes
HE 22.8/16: Your Medicare Handbook (pdf)
HE 22.13/2: Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Report, Summary Statistics
HE 22.15: HCFA Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) (Non-CPT-4 Portion)
HE 22.41/2: ICD-9-CD International Classification of Diseases
HE 23.1018: Child Maltreatment: Reports from the States to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data Systems (annual)
HE 23.1100: Office of Head Start
HE 23.1103: Head Start Bulletin (6 times a year)
HE 23.1200: Children’s Bureau (CB) homepage
CB Programs
HE 23.1217: Child Welfare Outcomes (annual)
HE 23.1415: Child Care Bulletin
HE 23.6015: ADD Program Update
HE 24.9: Child Support Report
HE 25 Administration for Children & Families
HE 25.11: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program, Annual Report (annual)
HE 25.16: Office of Refugee Resettlement Annual Report to Congress
HH: Housing and Urban Development homepage
HUD News | Publications
HUD Consumer Information
HUD’s Client Information and Policy System – HUDCLIPS | Official Documents Library
HUD USER: Policy Development and Research’s Information Service | Publications | Data Sets
HUD USER Bibliographic Database
Office of the Inspector General
American Housing Survey – AHS
Federal Rent Assistance
Section 8 Rental Assistance | Section 8 Project Based | Public Housing
HUD Homeless Information
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Database
HH 1.1/12: United States Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. FY … Annual Performance Plan
HH 1.2:C 49/13: State of the Cities (annually)
HH 1.2:H 75/4: Homelessness: Programs and the People They Serve: Technical Report | Summary Report | Highlights Report
HH 1.23/8: Urban Research Monitor (bimonthly)
HH 1.75/3: Field Works: Ideas for Housing and Community Development
HH 1.99/3: Secondary Market Prices and Yields and Interest Rates for Home Loans
HH 114/3: HOMEfires: Policy Newsletter of the HOME investment Partnerships Programs
HH 1.117: Labor Relations Letters
HH 1.120/2: U.S. Housing Market Conditions (quarterly)
HH 1.124: Picture of Subsidized Households
HH 1.126: Income Limits and Section 8 Fair Market Rents
HH 1.130: Global Outlook
HS: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  | (See also PR 43.14 )
Press Releases
Department Components
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Office of the Inspector General
HS 1.2:P 91: Preparing makes sense – get ready now (pdf)
HS 1.1/2: Semiannual report to the Congress
HS 1.2:2003020415: Department of Homeland Security Reorganization Plan (Nov, 2002) (pdf)
HS 4: U.S Customs and Border Protection Department (CBP)
HS 4.103: CBP Bulletins and Decisions (weekly)
HS 4.115: Frontline Magazine
HS 4.200: U.S Immigration & Customs Enforcement
HS 5: Federal Emergency Management Agency
News Releases
Strategic Plans
FEMA for kids: Games, Searches, News, Online Store
FEM 1.2:97034338: Doing Business with FEMA: Financial and Acquisitions Management
FEM 1.17/2: Course Catalog (Emergency Management Institute)
      U.S. Fire Administration (USFA)
National Fire Academy
HS 5.215: Firefighter Fatalities (annual)
       Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration
National Flood Insurance Program
NFIP Publications
HS 7: United States Coast Guard
HS 7.15: Coast Guard Magazine
HS 7.16: Proceedings of the Marine Safety Council
HS 8: Citizenship and Immigration Services
HS 8.16: Forms
HS 8.17: USCIS Fact Sheets
I: Department of Interior
Guides to DOI Information
Office of the Inspector General
I 1.107: Kappler’s Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties (Oklahoma State U)
I 19: U.S. Geological Survey homepage
USGS News Releases | USGS Publications
Earth Science Information Center – Map and Earth Science publications
General Map Information
USGS Books and Other Publications Online
Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)
FGDC Metadata for Spatial Information | Clearinghouse
U.S. Gazetteer
USGS Geographic Names Information Service – Domestic Names | GEOnet Names Server: Foreign Names
I 19.13: Water Supply Papers
I 19.14/2:M: USGS Maps
I 19.14/4-2: New Publications Released
I 19.42/7: Selected Water-Resources Abstracts (online database)
I 19.53/2:MA-RI-: Water Resources Data
I 19.111: National Atlas of the United States of America
I 19.125: Newsletter (National Water Quality Laboratory)
I 19.127: USGS Fact Sheets
I 19.165: Minerals Yearbook, Metals and Minerals
I 19.209: Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain Terrestrial Wildlife Research Summaries
I 27.41: Water Operation and Maintenance Bulletins
I 29: National Park Service homepage
NPS Voyager Library Catalog
NPS Reference Desk
Alcatraz Island
I 29.59/6: Archeological Assistance Program Technical Brief
I 29.76/3: National Register Bulletin
I 29.85/2: Vineyard: An Occasional Newsletter of the National Park Service, Historic Landscape Initiative
I 29.86/2: CRM (Cultural Resources Management)
I 29.100: Conserve O Gram
I 29.134: Battlefield Update
I 29.138: Yellowstone Wolf Project Annual Report
I 29.138/2: Yellowstone Center for Resources Annual Report
I 33.3/2: Foreign Names Information Bulletin
I 49: United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) homepage
Endangered Species
I 49.1/8: Biennial Report to the President of the U.S. (National Recreational Fisheries Coordination Council) (pdf)
I 49 18/8: 125: Fish and Wildlife Reference Service Newsletter
I 49.77: Endangered Species Bulletin
I 49.98/4: National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife – Associated Recreation (CD-ROM)
I 53: Bureau of Land Management
General Land Office Records (Federal Land Patent Records)
Electronic Reading Room; Office of Fire and Aviation
I 53.41/2: BLM-Alaska Frontiers
I 72.13: Mineral Revenues: The Report on Receipts from Federal and American Indian Leases (annual)
I  72.17: MMS Today (quarterly)
ITC 1.10/2: International Trade Commission
Office of the Inspector General
ITC 1.10: Harmonized Tariff Schedule
ITC 1.15/2: Shifts in U.S. Merchandise Trade 2000
ITC 1.15/2: Shifts in U.S. Merchandise Trade in 1999
ITC 1.15/3: Recent Trends in U.S. Services Trade
ITC 1.33/2: Industry Trade and Technology Review
J: Department of Justice homepage
DoJ Press Releases | Publications
Attorney General
Office of the Inspector General
Civil Rights Division
Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
J 1.2:2000024622: Survey of the Federal Death Penalty System
J 1.8/2: Justice Department Guide to the Freedom of Information Act
J 1.8/2:AN 8/2/: Antitrust Division Manual
J 1.14: FBI homepage
National Incidence-Based Reporting System (BJS, FBI, SEARCH)
J 1.14/2: Hate Crime Statistics
J 1.14/7: Uniform Crime Reports | County Level (U Virginia)
J 1.14/7-6: Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted
J 1.14/7-8: Crime in the United States
J 1.14/8: Law Enforcement Bulletin
          J 1.14/16:IN 8/3/2000 A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety
J 1.14/18-2 Forensic Science Communications
J 1.14/22: Terrorism in the United States
J 1.14/23-2 Cyber Notes
J 1.14/23-3: Highlights (National Infrastructure Protection Center)
J 1.30: Report of the Attorney General to Congress on the Administration of the Foreign Agents Registration Act
J 1.58: FOIA Update
J 1.58/1: FOIA Post
J 1.104: Civil Rights Forum
J 1.110: Weed & Seed In-Sites (semiannual)
J 1.112: National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), General Publications (EL)
J 16: Federal Bureau of Prisons homepage
J 16.32: Weekly Population Report
J 21: Executive Office of Immigration Review
J 24: Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
J 24.2:96032651: The supply of illicit drugs to the United States
executive summary
          J 24.2:D 84/20/2000 Speaking out against drug legalization
J 24.25: Domestic cannabis eradication/suppression program
J 24.29: Drug Trafficking in the United States (biennial)
J 26.33:L 41/: FY 2002 Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program
J 27.8/2: Rules & Procedures Manual / United States Parole Commission
J 28: National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
NIJ Publications
Crime and Victims Statistics | National Crime Victimization Survey | Crime Victimization Reports
Nation’s Two Crime Measures (UCR and NCVS compared)
Prison Statistics
          J 28.2:D 84/7 ADAM preliminary 2000 findings on drug use and drug markets :adult male arrestees
J 28.14/2: NCJRS Catalog and Publications List (bi-monthly)
J 28.23/2:3 Democratizing the police abroad: what to do and how to do it
J 28.24: Research in Brief
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.10 Sentencing guidelines :reflections on the future
J 28.31/2: National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Abstracts Database
J 29: Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
BJS Press Releases | Publications
Key Crime and Justice Facts at a Glance
Crime and Justice Electronic Data Abstracts (BJS, DOJ)
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (ICPSR at U Mich)
J 29.2:2002005557 Report of the National Task Force on Privacy, Technology, and Criminal Justice Information
J 29.2:L 41/: Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics
J 29.2:SE 9/3 Sexual assault of young children as reported to law enforcement :
J 29.9/6: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
J 29.11/5-3: Jails in Indian Country
J 29.11/11-3 State court sentencing of convicted felons
J 29.11/16: State Court Prosecutors in Large Districts (biennial)
J 29.13:IN 2/CORR Incarcerated parents and their children
          J 29.13:D 37 Juvenile delinquents in the Federal criminal justice system
J 29.13:P 75/3 Community policing in local police departments, 1997 and 1999
J 29.27:H 75/998 Homicide trends in the United States:1998 update
J 29.32: Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics
J 31.12: United States Attorney’s Bulletin (Bimonthly)
J 32: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention homepage
Juvenile Justice Facts and Figures
J 32.1: OJJDP Annual Report (2000)
J 32.10: Juvenile Justice Bulletin
J 32.10:J98/6/: Offenders in Juvenile Court
J 32.15: Juvenile court statistics
J 32.21/3: Highlights of the National Youth Gang Survey
J 32.21:2001/30 OJJDP mental health initiatives pdf
J 32.21:2001/37 National evaluation of the Title V Community Prevention Grants Program  pdf
J 32.21:2001/33 The National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse pdf
J 32.25: OJJDP News @ A Glance (bimonthly)
J 34.3/3: OVC’s Legal Series Bulletin
J 36.15: Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Series (numbered)
  JU 6: U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Supreme Court Opinions (Cornell) | FindLaw
Supreme Court Decisions, 1937-1975 (GPO FDsys, unofficial version)
JU 6.8/B: Slip Opinions of the United States Supreme Court (decisions in individual cases)
JU 7: U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
JU 9: U.S. Court of International Trade (USCIT)
Slip Opinions
JU 10: Administrative Office of the Federal Courts
Federal Courts by Circuit
PACER Service Center (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) – Login and fee.
U.S. Party/Case Index – Login and fee.
JU 10.2:B 22/3/2000: Bankruptcy Basics
JU 10.2:C: Understanding the Federal Courts (pdf)
JU 10.3/2: The Third Branch
JU 10.19: Wiretap report
JU 13.8/3: Guideline Sentencing Update (latest 2003)
JU 13.11/2: Catalog of Publications (Federal Judicial Center)
Internet Law Library (via Law Guru)
L: Department of Labor homepage
DOL Press Releases | Publications
Office of Inspector General
Balancing the Needs of Families and Employers: FMLA Surveys
National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS)
Civil Rights Center
L 1.1/5: National Skill Standard Board Annual Report
L 1.2:AG 8/3/997-998: Findings from the National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) 1997-1998
L 1.2:F 98/2: Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations (Dunlop Commission)
L 1.90/2: Report on the American Workforce (annual)
L 1.94: NSSB Skills Today
L 1.95: Senior Executive Service. Forum Series
L 1.96: O*Net Online (database)
L 2: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) homepage
BLS Press Releases | Publications
BLS Statistics | Most Requested Series
Selective Access: Build your own table from BLS data (employment, prices, compensation, productivity)
Economy at a Glance (current un/employment, ECI, productivity, CPI, PPI)
Quarterly Labor Productivity | Industry Productivity
Local Area Unemployment Statistics
Safety and Health Statistics
L 2.2:F 26/: Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries
L 2.3/4: Occupational Outlook Handbook
L 2.3/10-2: Employee Benefits in State and Local Governments
L 2.3/12: Geographic Profile of Employment and Unemployment (annual)
L 2.3/18-3: Consumer Expenditure Surveys
L 2.6/: Monthly Labor Review Online
L 2.38/3 – L 2.38/10: Consumer Price Indexes
L 2.38/3-2: Consumer Price Index (monthly report)
L 2.44/4: Compensation and Working Conditions
L 2.46/6 – L 2.46/9: Employee Benefits Survey
L 2.53/2: Employment Situation (monthly report)
L 2.60/3: News, U.S. Import and Export Price Indexes.
L 2.61 – L 2.61/11: Producer Price Indexes Data
L 2.61/10: Producers Price Index (monthly report)
L 2.70/4: Occupational Outlook Quarterly
L 2.111/5: Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment (monthly report)
L 2.111/7: Regional and State Employment and Unemployment (monthly report)
L 2.115: Real Earnings: Real Average Weekly (monthly report)
L 2.117: Employment Cost Index (quarterly report) | Employment Cost Trends
L 2.119: Productivity and Costs (quarterly report)
L 2.120: News, Productivity by Industry
L 2.120/2-12: Union Membership
L 2.120/2-13: Employer Costs for Employee Compensation
L 2.120/2-14: Extended Mass Layoffs (quarterly)
L 2.120/2-15: Mass Layoffs (monthly)
L 2.121: National Compensation Survey | Occupational Classification System Manual
L 2.121/1-51: National Compensation Survey: All States
L 2.121/57: National Compensation Survey. Occupational Wages in the United States (Bulletins, Summaries, and Supplementary Tables)
L 2.122: Occupational Compensation Survey (1992-1997)(replaced by National Compensation Survey)
L 29: Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Publications and Reports
L 35: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) homepage
OSHA Press Releases | Publications
OSHA Statistics
L 35.8:IN 7/999: OSHA Technical Manual
L 35.9/3: JS&HQ (Job Safety & Health Quarterly)
L 36: Employment Standards Administration
L 36: Wage and Hour Division
The Minimum Wage | State Minimum Wages
L 36.211/2: Davis-Bacon Wage Determination (online database)
L 36.215: Garment Enforcement Report
L 37: Employment and Training Administration
Business and Industry
Strategic Plan
Regional Offices
L 37.2:OC 1/2/991/V.1-2: Dictionary of Occupational Titles
L 37.12/2-2: News releases, Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report
L 37.210: Significant Provisions of State Unemployment Insurance Laws
L 38: Mine Safety and Health Administration
Reading Room
Data Retrieval System
Information Quality Guidelines
L 38.12: Holmes Safety Association Bulletin (monthly)
O*NET: Occupational Information Network | About O*NET
(Note: O*NET replaces DOT and uses the Standard Occupational Classification System.)
L 40: Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA)
Fact Sheets
Programs and Initiatives
Consumer Health Plan Information
Publications and Reports
Newsroom, Media
LC: Library of Congress homepage
What’s New: The Library Today
Using the Library of Congress: Collections and Services
American Memory
Thomas: Federal Legislative Information | CRS Legislative Subject Terms
Library of Congress Online Catalog
Library of Congress Research Tools
Library of Congress Thesauri
Official Federal Government Websites | Executive Branch | Legislative Branch | Judicial Branch
State and Local Governments Resource Page
Country Studies/Area Handbooks Program
International Information
Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) Database (LC)
LC 1.18: Library of Congress Information Bulletin
LC 1.32: FLICC Newsletter
LC 1.32/5: FEDLINK Technical Notes
LC 1.47: Annual Forum, Federal Information Policies
LC 1.54/3: A Century or Lawmaking for a New Nation, U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1872
LC 3: Copyright Office homepage
Search Online U.S. Copyright Office Records (LOCIS via telnet)
LC 3.4/2: Copyright Office Information Circulars and Form Letters
LC 3.4/2:92: Copyright Law of the United States
LC 3.4/3: U.S. Copyright Office NewsNet
LC 4: Manuscript Division of Library of Congress
Presidential Papers of the Manuscript Division (Washington – Coolidge, some online) | See also AEfor current Presidents.
LC 14: Congressional Research Service
Law Librarians’ Society (LLSC) offering major CRS links
Congressional Research Service Documents (Penny Hill Press – order for fee)
CRS Reports (United States Embassy in Rome)
CRS Reports (zFacts.com)
CRS Reports (University of Maryland Thurgood Marshall Law Library)
CRS Reports (UNT Libraries)
Open CRS
RSS feed of recently added reports
Senate Rules Committee CRS Reports (selected reports)
Federation of American Scientists CRS Reports (selected reports on national security issues)
LC 19: National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
NLS Catalogs and Bibliographies
LC 19.6/2:2001000544: Guidelines for Accessing Alternative Format Educational Materials
LC 19.9: Braille Book Review
LC 19.10: Talking Book Topics (bimonthly)
LC 19.11/2-2: Magazines in Special Media
LC 19.13/2: Update (National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped)
LC 19.23/2: Talking Book Topics
LC 26: Cataloging Policy and Support Office
LC 26.9/2: Library of Congress Classification Weekly List
LC 30.6/2: MARC 21 Concise Format for Bibliographic Data
LC 39: American Folklife Center
Online Collections and Special Presentations
Published Recordings
LC 39.10: Folklife Center News
LC 39.2:98012985: Commonwealth of Cultures
LC 39.9:98012970: Ethnographic Collections In the Archive of Folk Culture
  LR: National Labor Relations Board homepage
National Labor Relations Act
NLRB Reports & Guidance
Office of Inspector General
LR 1.6: NLRB Rules and Regulations
LR 1.8: NLRB Decisions and Orders
LR 1.6/2 NLRB Manuals
LR 1.15/2 Weekly Summary of NLRB Decisions
LR 1.17: Forms
MS: Merit Systems Protection Board homepage
MS 1.1: Annual Report
MS 1.10: MSPB Decisions
MS 1.17: Issues of Merit
NAS: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) homepage
NASA History Program Office
Scientific and Technical Information | Current Public Reports
NASA Image Exchange (NIX) | NASA’s Visible Earth
Office of Inspector General
Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate
Earth Science
Astrobiology at NASA
NASA Human SpaceFlight | Where is the Space Station? – Orbital Tracking
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
Center for International Earth Science Information Network – CIESIN (Columbia U)
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center – SEDAC (CIESIN)
Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators Service – ENTRI
US Global Change Research Information Office – GCRIO
NAS 1.37: National Space Science Data Center
NAS 1.37: Annual Statistics and Highlights Report (Scroll down to publications on the linked page)
NAS 1.52: Aeronautics and Space Report of the President (annual)
NAS 1.65/2: Goddard Space Flight Center, Annual Report
NAS 1.95: Technology Innovation
NAS 1.96: NASA History

NC 2.1: Annual Report (NCPC)
NC 2.11/2: NCPC Quarterly (National Capital Planning Commission) Newsletter

News Releases
Organizational Chart
Office of Inspector General
NCUA Credit Union Data
NCU 1.6: Regulations
NCU 1.19: Letters to Credit Unions
NF: National Foundation On The Arts And The Humanities:
NF 2: National Endowment for the Arts
Annual Report
Office of Inspector General
NF 2.8: The arts on radio and television : application guidelines. Annual
NF 2.8:N: Guide to the NEA
NF 3: National Endowment for the Humanities
Budget and Reports (annual)
Office of Inspector General
News and Publications
NF 4: Institute of Museum and Library Services
Press Releases
NF 4.15/2: Primary Source (monthly)
NF 4.2:2000006097: True needs, true partners : museums and schools transforming education (pdf)
NF 4.2:2002010330: A framework of guidance for building good digital collections (pdf)
NF 4.2:2002016979: Status of technology and digitization in the nation’s museums and libraries (pdf)

Press Releases
Freedom of Information Act
NMB 1.1: Annual Performance Plan Report
NMB 1.9: NMB Determinations

NS: National Science Foundation (NSF)
NSF News | Publications
NSF Grants and Awards
Office of Inspector General
National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics
Scientist and Engineer Statistics Data System (SESTAT)
NS 1.1: Performance and Accountability Report (annual)
NS 1.22/2: National Patterns of R&D Resources
NS 1.22/11: Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering
NS 1.26: Antarctic Journal of the United States
NS 1.51/2: Arctic Research of the United States
NS 1.57: Frontiers the electronic newsletter of the National Science Foundation
OP: Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) homepage
Press Releases
OP 1.10: OPIC News
P: United States Postal Service (USPS) homepage
Postal Explorer
Office of Inspector General
Write Your Representative (state plus zip code gives congressional district)
P 1.3: Postal Bulletin
P 1.10/5: International Mail Manual
P 1.10/8: Postal Zip Codes Look-up
P 1.12/11: Domestic Mail Manual
P 1.31/4:P 94/4: Postal Service Procurement Manual
PE: Peace Corps
Digital Library
Office Of Inspector General
Press Releases
Peace Corps Challenge for Kids
PM: Office of Personnel Management (OPM) homepage
The Fact Book: Federal Civilian Workforce Statistics (OPM)
Federal Salaries and Wages (OMP)
Office of Inspector General
USA Jobs (OPM)
Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Resource Guide
PM 1.8/3: Operating Manual: Qualifications Standards Handbook for General Schedule Positions
PM 1.10/2-2: Occupations of Federal White-collar and Blue-collar Workers
PM 1.10/2-3: Demographic Profile of the Federal Workforce
PM 1.10/2-4: Pay Structure of the Federal Civil Service
PM 1.10/4: Work Years and Personnel Costs (annual) (EL)
PM 1.10/9: ZIP + 4 State Directory
PM 1.14/3-2:P 43/: Operating Manual: Guide to Processing Personnel Actions
PM 1.55: Focus on Federal Employee Worklife and Wellness Programs
PM 1.62: New Developments in Employee and Labor Relations
PR 42: White House (William J. Clinton) homepage (searchable Clinton White House websites archived at NARA)
William J Clinton Presidential Library and Museum
PR 42.8:D: Presidential Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities (PTFEAD)
PR 42.8:D 63/2: Reports to the President of the PTFEAD
PR 42.8/3: A Progress Report to the President (Fiscal Year)
PR 42.8/4: Journal of Public Inquiry (semiannual)
PR 42.9: Economic Report of the President, 2000 | 2001 (pdf files)
PR 42.10: Annual Report to the President on Federal Advisory Committee Act
PR 43: White House (George W. Bush) homepage (archived)
George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (See AE 2.109)
PR 44: White House (Barack Obama) homepage
White House Offices and Agencies
President’s Cabinet
Federal Agencies and Commissions
Compilation of Presidential Documents (See AE 2.109)
         PR 44.9: Economic Report of the President
PREX: Executive Office of the President
National Security Council homepage
PREX 1.18: Coastal America, Annual Reports
PREX 1.18/3: Coastal America, Update
PREX 1.23: America’s Children (Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics)
PREX 2: Office of Management and Budget (OMB) homepage
Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
Inventory of Approved Information Collections (OIRA) | Information Collections Under Review
Statements of Administration Policy on Non-Appropriations and Appropriations Bills
PREX 2.4: OMB Circulars
PREX 2.6/2: Standard Industrial Classification Search | NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)
PREX 2.8: Budget of the United States Government | (GPO FDsys)
PREX 2.20: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
PREX 3: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) homepage
CIA Library
PREX 3.10/4: CIA Maps and Atlases
PREX 3.11/2: Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
PREX 3.15: World Factbook
PREX 3.19: Studies in Intelligence
PREX 3.21: National Intelligence Council (NIC): General Publications
PREX 6: President’s Council of Economic Advisors
About CEA
Fact Sheets and Reports
Speeches and Testimony
PREX 7: Foreign Broadcast Information Service: World News Connection (UIUC ONLY)
PREX 9: U.S. Trade Representative homepage
USTR Press Releases | Press Room
USTR Federal Register Notices
USTR Reports and Publications
Trade Agreements
United States Generalized System of Preferences Guidebook (pdf)
Section 301 Reports
PREX 9.10: National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers (annual)
PREX 9.11: Trade Policy Agenda and Annual Report of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreements Program (annual)
PREX 14: Council on Environmental Quality
PREX 23: Office of Science and Technology Policy
Press Room
PREX 23.2: C33: Science for the 21st Century (pdf)
PREX 23.14 EA7 : Strategy for National Earthquake Loss Reduction
PREX 26: Office of National Drug Control Policy
Research and Data
Fact Sheets
PREX 26.1/2: National Drug Control Strategy
PREX 26.1/2: National Drug Control Strategy – Budget Summary
PREX 26.1/3: The National High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program
PREX 26.2:T 28/2: What you need to know about drug testing in schools
PREX 26.2:C 83: General counterdrug intelligence plan
PREX 26.20: Technical Report for the Price and Purity of Illicit Drugs
PRVP 42: Office of the Vice-President (Albert Gore)
Reinventing Government Library | Publications
PRVP 42.2:B96 Businesslike Government: Lessons Learned from America’s Best Companies
PRVP 42.16: Reinvention Express (newsletter archive)
PRVP 44: Office of the Vice-President (Joseph Biden)
S: Department of State homepage
State Department Press Releases | Publications
Freedom of Information Act information
Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices (See Y 4.F 76/2)
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (See Y 4.IN 8/16-15)
Bureau of Consular Affairs

Office of the Historian

Office of Inspector General
Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
Country Commercial Guides
S 1.1: Foreign Relations of the United States
S 1.1/6: Semiannual Report to the Congress, Office of Inspector General
S 1.2:F 76 E/: Foreign Entry Requirements
S 1.2:T 73/: A Safe Trip Abroad
S 1.8: Diplomatic List
S 1.40/5: Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts (semiannual)(pdf)
S 1.69/2: Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
S 1.76/3: Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians, Foreign Areas)
S 1.76/3-2: Maximum travel per diem allowances for foreign areas
S 1.76/4: U.S. Department of State Indexes of Living Costs Abroad, Quarters Allowances, and Hardship Differentials
S 1.118: State Magazine
S 1.123: Background Notes
S 1.138: Country Reports on Terrorism
S 1.146: International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
S 1.151: Annual Report on International Religious Freedom
S 1.152: Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act: 2000, Trafficking in Persons Report (annual)
S 9.14: Treaties in Force (pdf)
S 9.14/2: Treaty Actions
S 18: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) homepage
Office of Innovation and Development Alliances (IDEA)
Office of Inspector General
S 18.63: Front Lines
S 18.65:98022645: Development Experience System Database (DEXS)
S 18.66: African Voices (newsletter), published 1997-2002
S 20.16: Economic Perspectives
S 20.18: Global Issues
S 20/19: U.S. Society & Values
S 2.20: Issues of Democracy
U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (See AC)
SBA: Small Business Administration homepage
News & Publications
Office of Inspector General
SBA Procurement Marketing and Access Network (PRO-net)
SBA 1.1/5: Annual Report of the Chief Counsel for Advocacy on Implementation of the Regulatory Flexibility Act
SBA 1.50: Small Business Profiles
SE: Securities and Exchange Commission homepage
EDGAR: Securities and Exchange Commission database
Office of Inspector General
SEC Investor Education and Assistance
SEC Guide to Corporate Filings
SEC Mutual Fund Cost Calculator
SE 1.1: SEC Annual  Report
SE 1.35/2: Final Report of the SEC Govt. Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation
SI: Smithsonian Institution homepage
Air & Space (magazine)
Office of Inspector General
SI 1.1: Smithsonian Annual Report
SI 1.45: Smithsonian Web Magazine
SI 3.13: Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network
SI 11.16: Profile: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery News (quarterly)
SSA 1: Social Security Agency (SSA) homepage
SSA Press Releases | Publications
OASDI Trustees Report on the Status of the Social Security Trust Fund (annual)
Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement (PEBES) order form
Office of Inspector General
Top Ten Most Requested Services from Social Security Online
SSA 1.1/2: Social Security Accountability Report
SSA 1.1/4: Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance Trust Funds
SSA 1.2:2001000542: The Future of Social Security
SSA 1.2:2001001292: Social Security: Getting in Touch
SSA 1.2:P41/: Performance Plan, Fiscal Year… and Revised Final Fiscal Year… Performance Plan
SSA 1.8:D 45/2/2000: A Desktop Guide to Social Security and SSA Work Incentives
SSA 1.8/5: Red Book On Employment Support
SSA 1.17: SSI Recipients by State and County
SSA 1.20: What You Need to Know When You Get Retirement or Survivors Benefits
SSA 1.21: When You Get Social Security Disability Benefits
SSA 1.22: Social Security Bulletin (quarterly)
SSA 1.26: Fast Facts and Figures About Social Security
SSA 1.31: Social Security Disability Notes
SSA 1.36: How We Decide If You Are Still Disabled
SSA 1.37: How Work Affects Your Benefits
SSA 1.41: Future of Social Security
SSA 1.42: Schedule of Social Security Benefit Payments (2004 Calendar)
SSA 1.43: Social Security, 24-Hour Telephone Service
SSA 1.44: Social Security, a Snapshot
SSA 1.45: Social Security, How You Earn Credits
SSA 1.47: Social Security, Understanding the Benefits
SSA 1.49: Appeals Process
SSA 1.53: Social Security, How Workers’ Compensation and Other Disability Payments May Affect Your Benefits
SSA 1.55: What You Need to Know, Reviewing Your Disability
SSA 1.56: Benefits for Children with Disabilities
SSA 1.58: Social Security, Social Security Benefits for People Living with HIV/AIDS
SSA 1.60: Social Security, Working While Disabled, How We Can Help
SSA 1.61: Social Security, Your Rights to Question to Stop Your Disability Benefits
SSA 1.62: Social Security, Government Pension Offset
SSA 1.63: Social Security, How Your Retirement Benefit is Figured
SSA 1.64: Medicare
SSA 1.67: Social Security, Receive Your Benefits by Direct Deposit
SSA 1.68: Social Security, Special Payments After Retirement
SSA 1.69: Survivors Benefits
SSA 1.71: Supplemental Security Income
T: Department of Treasury homepage
Treasury Press Releases
Office of Inspector General
T 1.1/6: Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
T 1.67/2: The National Money Laundry Strategy
T 12.1: Annual Report (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency)
T 12.18: Quarterly Journal of the Comptroller of the Currency
T 22: Internal Revenue Service homepage
IRS Forms and Publications
Tax Stats
Tax Professional’s Corner
T 22.19/2-4: Internal Revenue Manual
T 22.23: Internal Revenue Bulletin
T 22.35/4: Statistics of Income (SOI) Bulletin
T 63: Bureau of the Public Debt homepage
T 63.101/2-2: Combined statement of Receipts, Outlays, and Balances of the United States Government
T 63.103/2: Treasury Bulletin
T 63.113/2: Monthly Treasury Statement of Receipts and Outlays of the U.S. Government
T 63.113/2-2: Daily Treasury Statements
T 63.128: The Financial Connection
T 63.131: Status Report of U.S. Treasury-Owned Gold (monthly)
T 63.210/3: U.S. Savings Bond Comprehensive Savings Bond Value Tables (Series EE, I Bond, Series E and Savings Notes) (semiannual)
T 63.215: Monthly Statement of Treasury Securities of the United States(Monthly Statement of the Public Debt)T 66.24/2: The Bond Teller
T 70.2:C 86: ATF, The Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative, Crime Gun Trace Analysis Reports
T 70.7: Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Bulletin
T 70.9/4: Monthly Statistical Release. Beer
T 70.9/5: Monthly Statistical Release. Wines
T 70.10: Industry Circular
T 70.14: State Laws and Published Ordinances – Firearms
T 70.18/2: Alcohol and Tobacco Newsletter
T 70.24: Commerce in Firearms in the United States (Pdf file)
T 70.27: National Church Arson Task Force: Year Report for the President (annual)
T 71.9: Mortgage Market Trends
TD: Department of Transportation homepage
Office of Inspector General
NTSB Safety Recommendation Letters
TD 1.1/3: United States Dept. of Transportation. Office of Inspector General. Semiannual Report to the Congress
TD 1.8:AC7/2/: Transportation Acquisition Manual
TD 1.54: Air Travel Consumer Report
TD 1.59: DOTted line on-line : acquisition news from the DOT Office of Acquisition and Grant Management.
TD 1.102:P 96: NTSB Publications
TD 2: Federal Highway Administration homepage
Highway Statistics Series
TD 2.19: Public Roads
TD 2.23: Highway Statistics
TD 2.23/6: Our Nation’s Highways: Selected Facts and Figures
TD 2.23/7: Highway Traffic Noise in the United States: Problem and Response
TD 2.30: Research & Technology Transporter
TD 2.30/13-2: FOCUS
TD 2.30/16-2: Greener Roadsides (quarterly)
TD 2.46/2: Monthly Motor Fuel Reported by States
TD 2.314: Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Register
TD 4: Federal Aviation Administration homepage
Aviation Glossary
TD 4.5/2: FAA Intercom
TD 4.9: FAA Aviation News
TD 4.10/6: Airworthiness Directives (Database)
TD 4.12/2: Notices to Airmen (monthly)
TD 4.12/3: Aeronautical Information Manual, Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures (semiannual)
TD 4.20: FAA Statistical Handbook of Aviation
TD 4.33/3: National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)
TD 4.210: Office of Aviation Medicine, AM (series)
TD 4.414: Aviation Maintenance Alerts
TD 4.510: National Airspace System Capital Investment Plan (annual)
TD 5: Coast Guard homepage
U.S. Coast Guard Services We Provide
Merchant Marine Information Center
TD 5.3/11: Coast Guard Magazine Online
TD 5.4/2: Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars
TD 5.13: Proceedings of the Marine Safety Council, The Coast Guard Journal of Safety at Sea
TD 5.14: Coast Guard Reservist Magazine Online
TD 5.66: Marine Safety Newsletter
TD 7.11/2-3: National Transit Database, National Transit Summaries and Trends (NTST)
TD 8: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration homepage
TD 8.6/2: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations
TD 8.27: Traffic Safety Facts
TD 8.27/3: Traffic Safety Materials Catalog
TD 8.40: Traffic Safety Digest (quarterly)
TD 8.63: Traffic Techs (series)
TD 8.66: Buying a Safer Car for Child Passengers
TD 10.12: Annual Report on Pipeline Safety
TD 11.36: Maritime Security Report
TD 12: Bureau of Transportation Statistics homepage
National Transportation Library
National Transportation Statistics Data Archive
TD 12.1/2: National Transportation Statistics
TD 12.2:2001001912: North American Transportation in Figures (pdf)
TD 12.9/2: Sources of Information in Transportation
TD 12.18: Journal of Transportation and Statistics
VA: Department of Veterans Affairs homepage
VA Press Releases | Publications
Summary of Services for Veterans
Office of Inspector General
VA Records Center and Vault
Board of Veterans’ Appeals (with Decisions)
VA 1.1/7: VA Health Services Research & Development Service progress reports (annual)
VA 1.2:97006533: Understanding the Appeal Process
VA 1.23/3: Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development
VA 1.23/3-2: Rehabilitation R&D Progress Reports
VA 1.3/3: VA Recruitment Bulletin
VA 1.55: Semi-Annual Report of the Inspector General
VA 1.94: PTSD Research Quarterly
X: Congressional Publications
X 1.1: Congressional Record (via GPO FDsys) | (via Thomas)
X 1.1 Congressional Record Index | History of Bills
X 1.1/A: Congressional Record Daily Digest (via GPO FDsys, pdf format) | CR Current Daily Issue (via Thomas)
Y 1: Congressional Publications
Y 1.1/3: Senate Documents
Y 1.1/4: Treaty Documents
Y 1.1/5: Senate Reports
Y 1.1/6: Executive Reports 
Y 1.1/7: House Documents
Y 1.1/7:106-214: U.S. Constitution, Unratified Amendments, Analytic Index (2000, pdf) | Analysis and Interpretation (CRS, GPO FDsys 2010 pdf)
Y 1.1/8: House Reports
Y 1.1/8:104-156: Citizen’s Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records (1999, pdf)
Y 1.2: U.S. House of Representatives homepage (108th Congress Archive)
House Directory
Look up your Representative (by zipcode)
House Roll Call Votes (Thomas)
House Hearings and Prints (See Y 4)
Public Laws (GPO FDsys/Thomas) (See AE 2.110)
Bill and Bill Status Information (Thomas) | (GPO FDsys – w/ pdf)
Office of the Clerk
Y 1.2:97008167: How Our Laws Are Made (Thomas)
Y 1.2/2: House Calendars
Y 1.2/5: United States Code (via GPO FDsys) | (via House of Representatives) | (via Cornell)
United States Code Classification Tables
Y 1.2/6: House Committees (Thomas)
Y 1.2/10: Election Statistics
Y 1.3: Senate homepage (108th Congress Archive)
U.S. Capitol Virtual Tour
Senate Directory
Senate Roll Call Votes (Thomas)
Senate Hearings and Prints (See Y 4)
Bills and Resolutions
Y 1.3/2: Senate Calendars
Y 1.3/9: Senate Committees (Thomas)
Y 1.3:98016021: Enactment of a Law
Y 1.4/1: Senate Bills
Y 1.4/2: Senate Resolutions
Y 1.4/3: Senate Joint Resolutions
Y 1.4/4: Senate Concurrent Resolutions
Y 1.4/5: Senate Printed Amendments
Y 1.4/6: House Bills
Y 1.4/7: House Resolutions
Y 1.4/8: House Joint Resolutions
Y 1.4/9: House Concurrent Resolutions
Y 1.7: Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-present (online database)
Y 3: Independent Commissions and Agencies
International Financial Institution Advisory Commission (IFIAC)

Y 3.B 27: Access Board

Y 3.C 73/5:1: Annual Report (Commodity Futures Trading Commission)

Y 3.C 76/3: Consumer Product Safety Commission

Y 3.D 36/3:1: Annual Report to Congress – Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

Y 3.D 63/3:1-2/: National Disability Policy: A Progress Report (annual)

Y 3.EL 2/3: Federal Election Commission
        Plans, Performance, and Budget
Y 3.EQ 2: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Y 3.ET 3: Office of Government Ethics
Y 3.F 31/8: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Y 3.F 49:1/: Annual Report (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council)

Y3.J 27: Japan-United States Friendship Commission

Y 3.L 52: Legal Services Corporation

Y 3.L 52:1/: Office of Inspector General, Report to the Congress (Semiannual)

Y 3.M 46/3: Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
Y 3.M 46/3:1: MedPAC, Report to Congress (semiannual) (in dropdown menu, select “Reports”)
Y 3.N 21/29: The Corporation for National and Community Service
Senior Corps
Social Innovation Fund
Y 3.N 81/8: Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Y 3.N 81/8:15: Independent Economic Analysis Board (IEAB) Documents
Y 3.N 81/8:16: Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) Documents
Y 3.N 81/8:17: Independent Scientific Review Panel (ISRP) Documents
Y 3.N 88: United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
         Y 3.N 88:7: News Releases (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Office of Public Affairs)
         Y 3.N 88/2:1/: Report to the  U.S. Congress and the U.S. Secretary of Energy
Y 3.P 31: United States Institute of Peace
         Y 3.P 31:19/: Peaceworks (series)
Y 3.R 27: U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
         Y 3.R 27:1/: Annual Report
Y 3.SE 4: Selective Service System
         Y 3.SE 4:1/: Annual Report to the Congress of the United States FY …, From the Director of Selective Service 
Y 3.SE 5: United States Sentencing Commission
Y 3.SE 5:1/: Annual Report. United States Sentencing Commission
         Y 3.SE 5:8-2: U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines Manuals
Y 3.T 25: Tennessee Valley Authority
         Y 3.T 25:1: Annual Report (Tennessee Valley Authority)
Y 3.W 84/4: National Women’s Business Council
        Y 3.W 84/4:1: Annual Report
Y 3.2:T27/2/: National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (closed August 21, 2004)
Y 3.2:T 27/2/2003017528: First Interim Report
Y 3.2:T 27 /2/INTERIM/2003-2: Second Interim Report (pdf file)
Y 3.2:T 27/2/2003017620: First Public Hearing
Y 3.2:T 27/2/2003017621: Second Public Hearing
Y 3.2:T 27/2/2004017066: Third Public Hearing: Terrorism, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim World
Y 3.2:T 27/2/017067: Fourth Public Hearing: Intelligence, and the war on Terrorism (pdf file)
Y 3.2:T 27/2/2004017069: Fifth Public Hearing: Private-Public Sector Partnerships for Emergency Preparedness
Y 3.2:T 27/2-2/2004017070: Sixth Public Hearing
Y 3.2:T 27/2/2004017088: Seventh Public Hearing: Subject-borders, Transportation and Managing Risks
Y 3.2:T 27/2/2004017089: Eighth Public Hearing
Y 3.2:T 27/2-2/2004019306: Ninth Public Hearing
  Y 4: Congressional Publications by Committee
Y 4.–: House (select) Hearings (GPO FDsys) | by committee (GPO FDsys) See also individual committee websites.
Y 4.W 36:10-4/: Green Book (Overview of Entitlement Programs)
           CBO Products
           CBO Cost Estimates
           Y 10.21/2: Monthly Budget Review