I’m searching in the library catalog and there are a lot of math locations. How are they different?

When searching for a book in the main library catalog, you might notice several book locations related to the Mathematics Library. Below are descriptions of each storage location and, in some cases, information about the borrowing policies. The different locations are: Math, Math [non-circulating], Math Reference [non-circulating], Math Reserves, Math Vault,  and UIUC Online Collection.

Math Locations listed in the Catalog


Items located in “Math” are stored in the Mathematics Library Stacks.  The stacks are open to anyone and the entrance is located behind the circulation desk.

Catalog Location Math

Math [non-circulating]:

Items located in “Math [non-circulating]” are mainly stored in the stacks.  Most of these items are bound journals. These items cannot be checked-out but may be used in the Math Library.

Catalog Math Non-Circulating Location

Math Reference [non-circulating]:

Items labeled “Math Reference [non-circulating]” are located at the circulation desk, across from the main entrance.  These items cannot be checked-out but may be used in the Math Library.

Catalog Math Reference Location

Math Reserves:

The Math Reserves are located behind the circulation desk.  To check-out an item from reserves, ask at the circulation desk.  These items are only available for in-library use for two hours.

Catalog Math Reserves Location

Math Vault:

Items stored in “Math Vault” are old, fragile, or media type items (such as CD’s or software).  Some items are available for local use.  To use one of these items, inquire at the circulation desk.

Catalog Math Vault Location

*UIUC Online Collection:

Items labeled “*UIUC Online Collection” are online items, such as e-books.  Anyone with a NetID can access these items from their computer, both on and off-campus.

Catalog Online Collection Location