Report System Problems

Normal business hours for the Library IT Help Desk are 8:30 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday (except on designated University holidays.) During these hours please report all problems with Library IT systems and services to the Help Desk by calling 244-4688 or logging an OTRS ticket.  More information about reporting computer or system problems is available on our page about submitting tickets.

Effective June 27, 2011 the Library IT Help Desk has an answering service available at all hours when we are not open (except on December 25 and January 1.) Calls made to the Library IT Help Desk phone (244-4688) outside regular business hours are answered by the AITS Service Desk (AITS/SD). Please use this service only to report outages with critical Library systems shown in the list below. Before reporting an outage, please check libnews first to see if Library IT is already aware of it.

We have given AITS/SD documentation on how to handle our calls.   When they determine that a service outage involves a critical system, they will notify Library IT on-call personnel immediately so that work can begin as quickly as possible to restore the system.   In all cases, whether or not the outage you report is determined to be critical, AITS/SD will ask you to log an OTRS ticket so that Library IT staff can track the problem and follow-up on it as necessary.

To report outages with systems not included on the critical services list below, please also log an OTRS ticket so Library IT can address the issue on the next business day.

Based on discussions with the Administrative Council, the current list of mission-critical Library systems includes: