Connect to Voyager and Online Catalogs

Connect to Voyager and online catalogs

Public access

Staff interface

Please contact Library IT to access Voyager clients.


Voyager is an integrated library management system managed by CARLI (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois) for 84 of its member libraries, including the University of Illinois Library. The CARLI implementation of Voyager includes the following components: Acquisitions/Serials, Cataloging, Circulation/Call Slip/Universal Borrowing, Media Booking, SysAdmin, and Classic, VuFind, and I-Share Online Catalogs. Each member library has a local online catalog.

When is this service available

The online catalogs are available at all times. Access to the Voyager staff modules via Voyager staff client software is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for a few minutes around 3 a.m. (Central Time) each day.

Priority level for this service

Maintaining online catalog availability for Library users and Library staff is a critical priority for CARLI. Library IT makes every effort to work with CARLI to resolve problems with this service as quickly as possible.

Problems with individual staff clients are dealt with during normal business hours by the Library IT Help Desk working in conjunction with CARLI support staff.

How to report a problem

During normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Log a Work Request with the Library IT Help Desk or call the Help Desk at 244-4688.

Outside business hours

If Voyager or online catalogs are down and it is not a planned outage that was announced on Libnews or CARLI’s system status page, please call 244-4688, where the AITS Service Desk will answer on behalf of the Help Desk. In an emergency situation, the AITS Service Desk answering service will contact Library IT on-call support staff promptly.

If Voyager is up but you have a problem using a Voyager staff client, log a ticket with the IT Help Desk. The problem will be addressed as soon as possible on the next business day.

Who can use this service

Online catalogs

The Library, Classic, and I-Share online catalogs are available to users worldwide through a web browser. Only University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I-Share library patrons can request materials and view electronic resources through the online catalogs.

Staff clients

Library employees with Voyager accounts can work in the staff modules of the Voyager system.


For library users

For library staff

What you must have to use this service

Online catalogs

  • Web browser
  • Internet connection

Staff clients

  • Installed clients on computer
  • Windows operating system
  • Voyager account (requestable through the Library IT Help Desk)
  • Internet connection

Service owners

Voyager SysAdmin group

Dependencies on other services

Online catalogs

  • CARLI Infrastructure

Staff clients

  • CARLI Infrastructure
  • Staff workstations

Date created

February 22, 2008

Date revised

May 18,2016