Voyager Account Information

Types of Voyager Accounts

Permission to work in UIUC’s Voyager system and to view records in the database is controlled by Voyager accounts. The Library IT Help Desk manages Voyager accounts for UIUC.

A read-only cataloging account is available for library employees:

  • Logon: view
  • Password: onlyonly

Other than the read-only account, there are two types of Voyager accounts; each account has its own logon and password.

The two types of accounts are:

  • Individual accounts
  • Generic student accounts

Individual accounts give Library faculty/staff and grad students permission to work in one or more Voyager clients. Use the web form to Request a Voyager Account.

There are various levels of permission in each client which are assigned to accounts based on the work that individual employees need to do. If you are not sure which account level is needed, please take a look at the account profiles on the Voyager Account Levels page.

Your logon is your Net ID. Passwords for individual accounts are “permanent”–i.e., they don’t have to be changed at regular intervals. If you lose track of your password, please contact the Library IT Help Desk.

Generic student accounts are assigned to Library units for use in the staff clients by undergrad employees.