Journal and Article Locator

Description of service

The Journal and Article Locator allows users to enter citation information for a journal article into a set of fields which can be used to locate and redirect to the full-text of an article.  Journal and Article Locator also will direct users seeking holdings and availability information for a specific journal title to the online catalog, Online Research Resources, and the Discover SFX System.  Journal and Article Locator can accept full, standard or partial citations into one text entry field that will attempt to parse citation elements and automatically place them into a set of search fields which can then be used to locate a direct link to an article.

When is this service available

Journal and Article Locator is available at all times.

Priority level for this service

Maintaining Journal and Article Locator is a critical priority for the University Library. Every effort is made to resolve problems with this service as quickly as possible.

How to report a problem

To report general problems, questions or concerns about Journal and Article Locator, email

For serious problems with Journal and Article Locator, such as an unexpected outage, please contact the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center at 333-3576 at anytime. Grainger Library staff will notify appropriate IT staff on call. (There is no response when Grainger Library is closed.)

Who can use this service

Journal and Article Locator searches and provides links to subscription-based library resources. Access to subscription-based library resources is restricted to select University community members who have a valid NetID and NetID Password.

What you must have to use this service

  • NetID and NetID Password
  • Computer with an internet connection
  • Web browser installed such as Internet Explorer 7 or Fire Fox 3

Service managers

Journal and Article Locator is powered by servers maintained by IT staff of the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center.  The design and feature set of Journal and Article Locator is managed by the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center.

Dependencies on other services

Date created

September 26, 2008

Date revised

September 26, 2008