BIG Math Network

BIG Math Network LogoThe BIG Math Network connects mathematical scientists in business, industry, government, (BIG) and academia and provides resources for students learning about BIG careers in mathematics.

The BIG Math Network brings together the Mathematical Sciences community (including pure and applied mathematics, statistics, operations research and data science) to

  • Build job opportunities for mathematical scientists
  • Communicate the value of mathematical science in the workplace
  • Facilitate connections between students, faculty, recruiters and managers
  • Increase knowledge about internships and how to prepare for them
  • Provide viable models for internship logistics (timing, intellectual property, training)
  • Create regional networks

Harvey Mudd College’s Professor Rachel Levy started thinking about the BIG Math Network at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meeting. “The idea came from my own experience working as an undergrad in an OR practicum at NASA, which I believe is an experience that kept me in mathematics and led me to grad school in applied math. I also had been talking with Reza Malek-Madani who was concerned about equity and access with respect to information about careers.” The BIG Math Network was launched at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in 2017.

The BIG Math Network is a collaborative effort. The steering committee (University of Illinois mathematicians Matt Ando and Rick Laugesen are members), advisory board, and various partners have worked together to provide this valuable resource. This collaborative effort is also seen in the blog posts where mathematical scientists share their experiences:

To learn more about or join the BIG Math Network, visit their About/Contact page.

The BIG Math Network is a partner organization of the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference.
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