How do I use the Math Reserves?

Do you need to use a textbook for a class but don’t want to purchase it? The Math Reserves can help! The reserves section of the Mathematics Library provides textbooks for math courses, available for student use within the library.  Below are the steps to successfully check-out a reserve book.

Is the Book on Reserve

Use the Library Catalog to search for the book.  On the results page, some items will display their location.  For example, in the search below, the first book is shelved at Math Reserves, while the second book is located in the general stacks at Math.

Catalog record: Math Reserves

If a book does not display the location from the results page, click on the book to find out more information.  From there, you can see the location of the book.

Catalog Record: Math Reserves

Where to go?

The reserves are shelved behind the Circulation Desk, located across from the main entrance.  A staff member will retrieve the textbook for you.

Provide the Right Information

The Math Reserves are shelved by author last name.  If you don’t know the author’s last name, there are a few ways to find out.

If you know what book you want:

Searching the Library Catalog for the book can provide the author’s name.

If you know the course, but not the title or author:

The Library Catalog has a Course Reserves section.

From this page, you can search by course, instructor, or department.  A search for the course will display all assigned textbooks for the class.  Select the correct textbook to see more information, including author last name.

Course Reserves Button

If you don’t have access to the Library Catalog:

The Mathematics Library provides a binder containing textbook information for each course.  The binder is organized by course number and is located at the Circulation Desk.

Use the Book

Reserve books must be used in the Mathematics Library and can be checked out for two hours at a time.

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