Difficult Citation

I have a citation that I’m having trouble figuring out. Which part is the paper title and which is the name of the journal/proceeding/book?

You may be looking at one of several citation types, and telling the difference between them is often tricky. Below we have listed some of the different, but most common, citation formats that you may see during the course of your research, organized by database and type of material cited. Distinguishing the title of the paper/article from the title/name of the journal/book/conference proceeding is very important; you will almost often want to search by the title of the book/journal/conference proceeding rather than the individual paper or article unless you are using an online search engine such as Google or Google Scholar.

Math Reviews/MathSciNet

1 893 977Underwood, Robert; Wang, Junping. An integral representation and computation for the solution of American options.Nonlinear Anal. Real World Appl. 3 (2002) no. 2, 259-274. 91B28.
—In this case, the title of the paper is first (An integral representation…), and the name of the journal in which the article appears is second, in italics (Nonlinear Analysis…)

1 886 866 Liu, Yanpei. Enumerative theory of maps. Mathematics and its Applications, 468. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht; Science Press, Beijing, 1999. Xii+411 pp. ISBN: 0-7923-5599-7; 7-03-007597-8. 05-02 (05A15 05C30 57Mxx)
—This citation is for a book. It doesn’t look very different from the journal citation because the book is part of a series (Mathematics and its Applications). In instances such as this, you can click on the series title for more informatin. Journals will have ISSN numbers rather than ISBN numbers. In this case, you will want to search for the title of the book (Enumerative Theory…) rather than series name.

1 883 630 Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Differential Geometry. Dedicated to Professor U-Hang Ki on his Retirement from the Kyungpook National University. Held at Kyungpook National University, Taegu, November 16-17, 2001. Edited by Young Jin Suh and Ho Il Kim. Kyungpook National University, Basic Science Research Institute, Taegu, 2002. x+101 pp. 53-06 (00B30)
—This book citation is a little more straightforward. It is also a conference proceedings (a book of them). The title (Proceedings of the Sixth…) is the first thing listed since there is no author for such proceedings. Notice that unlike the journal citations, only one title is listed in the citation.

1 886 666Handbook of geometric topology. edited by R.J. Daverman and R.B. Sher. North-Holland, Amsterdam, 2002. x+1133 pp. ISBN: 0-444-82432-4 57-06 (55-06)
–This example is another straightforward book citation. The title of the book is given first, followed by the editors of the volume.

1 883 639 Kim, Hoil; Lee, Chang-Yeong. Noncommutative K3 surfaces. Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Differential Geometry (Taegu, 2001), 91-101, Kyungpook Natl. Univ., Taegu , 2002. 58B34 (14Axx 32Gxx)
—This citation is an example of a conference proceedings citation from MathSciNet. The authors of the paper are given first, followed by the title of the paper (Noncommutative…) and then the name of the conference (Proceedings of the…).

Zentralblat Math

Zentralblatt Math is another database available through UIUC; it is similar to Math Reviews in terms of searching for articles, journals, and monographs.

pre01474019 Adhikari, Sukumar Das
Aspects of combinatorics and combinatorial number theory.(English)
New Delhi: Narosa Publishing House. xiv, 156 p. (2002). MSC 2000.05-99 11-99
—This citation is for a book. The author (Sukumar Adhikari) is listed first, followed by the title of the book in bold (Aspects of combinatorics…).

pre01716471 Rosen, Michael
Number theory in function fields.(English)
Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 210. New York, NY: Springer. xii, 358 p. EUR 54.95/net; sFr. 91.00; \sterling 38.50;\$49.95 (2002).MSC 2000.*05-99 11-01 11-02 11Rxx
—This is another book citation from Zentralblatt. Again, the author’s name is highlighted and listed first followed by the title of the book in bold.

0982.01013 Myerson, Roger
Learning game theory from John Harsanyi.(English)
Games Econ. Behav. 36, No. 1, 20-25, doi:10.1006/game.2001.0868 (2001). MSC 2000: *01A70 91-03
—This citation is for an article from a journal. Like the previous Zentralblatt citations, the author’s name (Roger Myerson) is listed first, and th ename of the paper/article (Learning game…) follows. The title of the journal (Games and economic behavior) is abbreviated and listed third.

pre01727744 Burdick, Bruce S.
Some equavalences for Martin’s axiom in asymmetric topology(English)
Simon Petr (ed.), Proceedings of the 9th Prague topological symposium, Prague, Czech Republic, August 19-25, 2001. Toronto: Topology Atlas. 9-13, electronic only (2002). MSC 2000: *03E50 06B35 06F30
—This citation is for a conference proceedings. Following the author, title, and editor, the title of the conference is listed (Proceedings of the 9th Prague…). In order to search for conference proceedings, you must either check the “proceedings” box on the Zentralblatt search pagoe or use the name of the proceedings in the search query.

Lecture Notes in Mathematics

Lecture Notes in Mathematics is available online.

If you want to browse the series in the stacks at the Mathematics Library, it is located on the upper floor with the call number 510 L493.