Where is the Math NOT in Sports?!

A special thanks to Fatemah Hermes, Grainger Engineering Library Graduate Assistant, for creating this exhibit.

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Where is the Math NOT in Sports?!

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Annotated Bibliography

  1. Geometry of complex numbers : circle geometry, Moebius transformation, non-euclidean geometry / Hans Schwerdtfeger. (Math 516.1 SCH99G1979)
  2. Mathematics and sports / L.E. Sadovskiĭ and A.L. Sadovskiĭ ; translated from the Russian by S. Makar-Limanov. (Math 796.02 SA15M:E)
  3. Mathematics of projectiles in sport / Neville de Mestre. (Math 531.55 D394M)
  4. Optimal strategies in sports / edited by Shaul P. Ladany and Robert E. Machol. (Math 796.018 OP7)
  5. Statistics in sport / edited by Jay Bennett. (Math 796.021 St29)
  6. Taking chances : winning with probability / John Haigh. (Math 519.2 H125t)
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