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Marion E. Sparks Miscellaneous

There are many facets of Miss Sparks’ life that do not fit into one of the other pages on this website. This page is a collection of the random memorabilia — the letters on behalf of her father, the alumni records, etc. — and related links to find more information about Miss Sparks on the Internet or in person at the University of Illinois. It is roughly in chronological order (essays and yearbooks from her college years, followed by career information, and so on).

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Miss Sparks worked on the 1895 Illio, which was actually published in 1894. The Illinois yearbook was traditionally compiled by the junior class. Since the yearbook does not attribute authorship to articles, we do not know which areas of the yearbook Miss Sparks contributed to. However, in the 1895 yearbook, we did find activities Miss Sparks was involved in, and in the 1896 yearbook, we found her activities and her picture; links to those items and other related pages in subsequent yearbooks are exhibited below. In addition to yearbooks from her time here as a student, there are also various pages detailing clubs she was active in during her tenure as librarian in the Chemistry Library.

The 1895 yearbook corresponds to the 1893-1894 school year; the 1896 yearbook refers to the 1894-1895 school year; and so on.

1895 Illio

1896 Illio

1897 Illio

  • 1897 Class List (hometown, major, and detailed activities with years of membership; the students on the list are almost all found on the class list in the 1896 Illio — the only difference is the additional details on each person’s activities)
  • Roster and logo of the 1897 Young Women’s Christian Association (note that both Marion and her younger sister Annie are listed as members)
  • 1897 University Statistics (number of students, faculty, buildings, etc.; also includes ‘interesting facts’)
  • 1897 University of Illinois Information Guide (details number of students and buildings, lists major colleges and schools, mentions various clubs, and gives contact information)

1898 Illio

1899 Illio

1900 Illio

1901 Illio

1917 Illio

  • Roster of the 1917 Alethenai Literary Society (Sparks listed under Faculty Members)
  • Staff and explanation of the creation of the Illinois Chemist (Sparks wrote several articles for this Chemistry department publication during her time as librarian)

1918 Illio

1919 Illio

1920 Illio

1921 Illio

1922 Illio

1923 Illio

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School of Library Science

Miss Sparks attended the School of Library Science at the University of Illinois from 1897-1899. Below is information about the library school published during the time Miss Sparks was a student, as well as information on the current library school’s website detailing its history.

  • Sharp, Katharine L. “University of Illinois State Library School.” Circular of Information 1897-1898. (5 pages)
    The article details the creation of the library school, the objectives of the program, the facilities, the faculty, and the required courses. Written by the director of the library program.
  • “State Library School.” University of Illinois Catalog 1897-1898. pp. 131-134. (3 pages)
    This excerpt from the university’s course catalog details the aim and scope of the newly formed library school, the methods of instruction, equipment, requirements for graduation, course of instruction, and faculty members.
  • “University of Illinois State Library School.” Circular of Information 1898. (10 pages)
    The article includes the same information cited above, as well as detailed admission requirements, course descriptions, and positions filled by graduates of the program.
  • “University of Illinois State Library School.” The Illini (Official Paper of the University), vol. XXVIII, no. 15. January 13, 1899. (13 pages)
    The article details the history, requirements, and instruction of the library school. It also describes the library collection, classification, services, and hours. The text is accompanied by pictures of both the interior and exterior of Library Hall.
  • “University of Illinois State Library School.” Circular of Information 1900-1901. (10 pages)
    The article includes the information cited in the previous circulars, in addition to an academic calendar and a section on cooperation with the local library.
  • Biography of Katherine [sic] Lucinda Sharp. 1900 Illio. Vol. XI., p. 14. 1899. (1 page)
    In the Faculty section of the yearbook, the academic and professional history of Sharp – the Director of the Library School during Miss Sparks’ time there – are detailed.
  • Sharp, Katharine L. “Our State Library School.” Illinois Federation of Women’s Clubs. Decatur, IL. October 18, 1901. (6 pages)
    A brief history of the library school in Illinois. The article also details the requirements for, and expectations of, current students.
  • Ward, Kevin. A Brief History. School Overview section. University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science website.
    This portion of the current University of Illinois School of Information Sciences’ website details the history of the school, from its beginning in 1893 at the Armour Institute in Chicago to its move south to Urbana in 1897. It provides a brief history of the school over the last century, mentioning changes to the name of the school and to its curriculum.

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Alumni Information

  • Handwritten note – [undated]
    Miss Sparks details her academic career at Ottawa High School and the University of Illinois. She also includes her library experience through 1903.
  • Graduate’s Record – 1905
    Information sheet filled out by Miss Sparks in 1905, detailing her background information as well as her activities since graduating from Library School in 1899. Also includes a handwritten note by Miss Sparks asking the Alumni Record Editor to add to her recent publications to her record.
  • Alumni Record – 1917
    Another information sheet (dated August 31, 1917) detailing background information. Includes activities and jobs since the previous record from 1905.
  • Alumni Record – 1920 (with update card from 1923)
    Information sheet dated April 28, 1920. Update card from 1923 (shows annual salary) covers the top half of the front page.

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Career Materials

Civil Service Materials

  • Civil Service Commission Booklet
    A four page booklet from the Illinois State Civil Service Commission about its examinations.
  • Letter from the Illinois Civil Service Commission – 1910
    A letter dated October 10, 1910, stating that Marion passed the librarian civil service exam.
  • Civil Service Certifications – 1912
    Notice of Certification dated May 1, 1912, stating that Marion was certified for appointment as a Library Assistant at Southern Illinois State Normal University, Carbondale, and a Notice of Certification dated May 7, 1912, stating that Marion was certified for appointment as a Library Assistant at the University of Illinois, Urbana.
  • Letter from the Civil Service Commission – 1915
    A letter dated December 6, 1915, stating that Marion did not have an application for Library Assistant on file and must submit one in order to be admitted to the examination. The envelope is also included.

Letters of Recommendation

Possible Job Opportunities

The Chemical Literature course (and a few Miss Sparks details) – from 1892-1919

Look at these excerpts from the University of Illinois’ course catalog to see how the chemical literature courses evolved over this time period.

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In Honor

The following sites exhibit either an award or designation created in honor of Miss Sparks.

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