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Room Reservations

Please note: these policies refer only to the conference room and group study room. Small (four people maximum) study rooms are for walk-in use only and may not be reserved.

(Read these instructions before you go directly to the Room Request system.)

Room Availability and Policy

  • The conference room and group study room are available during any regular library open hours. Patrons with reservations immediately at opening or until closing should plan a five minute margin when they may not have access to the room due to regular opening or closing procedures.
  • Use of the conference room is subject to approval by Chemistry Library staff (see procedures below). Chemistry- and library-related purposes receive priority. Undergraduates should reserve the large group study room unless they have a need for the videoconferencing or presentation equipment.
  • The maximum reservation length for the conference room is four hours; for the group study room, the maximum length is two hours. If you feel an extension is necessary, please contact Chemistry Library staff.
  • Reservations require an @illinois.edu email address. You may cancel a reservation at any time by following the link sent to you in the original email confirming the receipt of your reservation request. Please save this email so that you will be able to cancel at any time leading up to the reservation if your plans change.

Making a One-Time Reservation

  • Go to the Room Request system and select the Chemistry Library Conference Room or Group Study Room as appropriate from the Category menu at the top of the screen.
  • The current date will display be default or use the arrows to the following week. Alternatively you can use the Go To Date box to navigate to a desired date.
  • Click on a Green box at the start time. The reservation time default is 60 minutes, so two boxes will change to orange. Adjust the time needed up to two hours for the Group Study or four hours for the Conference Room. You will not be able to select red boxes have already been scheduled.
  • Verify the date and times in the box that appears below. Click on Submit Times.
  • Complete your full first and last name and @illinois.edu email address. Click Submit my Booking. You will receive an email confirming your request.

Making a Recurring Reservation

Due to changes in the Room Reservation system, multiple room reservations need to be emailed to chemlib@library.illinois.edu for the time being. Please watch this space for more information soon!

If you run into problems, please contact the Chemistry Library by email at chemlib@library.illinois.edu or call us at 217-333-3737.