Publications: Books and Pamphlets on Library Work, 1921-1937

As early as the 1920s through 1930s, the American Library Association published Books and Pamphlets on Library Work to organize the many new expanding catalog of A.L.A. publications about library services and administration. Each publication is a helpful bibliography of extant library publications of its time. Read on to learn more about Books and Pamphlets on Library Work!

In 1921, a promotional postcard featuring a cartoon by Chicago Tribune cartoonist John T. McCutcheon includes a two-panel catalogue of publications about both library work and a copy of the poster as well as an order form too.

Also in 1921, the first Books and Pamphlets on Library Work was published, and it included a 15-page catalogue with an order form on the last page too. The publication continued annually for decades.

In 1925, the first significant layout change occurred. The now 29-page pamphlet include images from commissioned artists, including Harvey Dunn’s iconic “Develop the Power that is Within You” poster and the Reading with a Purpose series. An index of titles was included at the end of every issue too.

By the end of the 1920s, Books and Pamphlets on Library Work was published with color ink and in a larger paper size. The larger paper size enabled the page count to drop 15-pages in total. At the same time, the back cover of each issue now featured advertisements and eye-catching artwork announcing A.L.A. publications of interest too.

While during the 1930s, the publication returned to black ink and each issue featured a distinct cover design. Beginning in 1937, each issue included interior drawings in-between subsections too.

Copies Available at Your ALA Archives

Physical copies of Books and Pamphlets on Library Work are available for viewing at the ALA Archives. Please view the Record Series 13/10/12 database record entry, for more information.

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