The 1909 Cherry Mine Disaster and Illinois Rescue and Relief Fund Work

On November 13, 1909, at the St. Paul Coal Company mine in Cherry, Illinois, a devastating fire trapped 300 miners, of which 259 workers, including U.S. citizens, immigrants, and children would perish. Meanwhile on campus, Illinois staff would respond to the disaster while international students raised money to help support the families of miners lost in the catastrophe.

Read on to learn more about Illinois rescue and relief fund work responses to the Cherry Mine Disaster.

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Early Soccer at Illinois, 1909-1911

One hundred and ten years ago, today, might have been the first soccer match at the University of Illinois, which was later followed by a variety of future teams who would organize on campus, bringing together citizens, immigrants, international students, residents, and the local community too.

Read on to learn more about the early soccer at the University of Illinois!

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Early Invitations and Theodore Roosevelt’s 1912 Visit to Champaign and Urbana

During much of his political career, Theodore Roosevelt was an in demand speaker and after multiple invitations he came to central Illinois too. In fact, Illinois students played an early role in the efforts to bring the leading American statesman to town. Read on to learn more!

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Illini Everywhere: Japanese Illini, Since 1872

Since at least 1872, Japanese students have been attending the University of Illinois. Early Japanese Illini have included agriculturalists, architects, architectural engineers, artists, athletes, botanists, chemists, civil engineers, dentists, educators, electrical engineers, exhibit curators, exhibit docents, mathematicians, mechanical engineers, medical doctors, political scientists, and railway civil engineers too.

Read on to learn more about early Japanese Illini!

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Housing at Illinois Industrial University

Written by Alicia Hopkins

When Illinois Industrial University first opened, the entirety of the University was located in one building. The building served every need of the university as classrooms and office space, as well as a dormitory for the students.

Vincent P. Bunce attended the Illinois Industrial University from 1869 to 1871. Letters from his family shed light on student life in the earliest years of the University. Bunce, who lived in the dormitories of University Hall, received most of his school supplies, clothing, and food through the mail. Student mail was addressed to I.I.U.[1]

University Building, known to students as The Elephant Circa 1870

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