Video Preservation


Media Preservation provides conservation, rehousing, reformatting services for various video formats.

Media Preservation staff are available for collection condition assessments and consultations on best practices and strategies for video preservation.

  • A selection of supported formats include:
    • VHS
    • 3/4″ U-matic
    • 1″ Type C
    • Betamax
    • Betacam / Betacam SP
    • Digital Betacam
    • Mini DV
    • DVcam
    • DVCPro
    • HDV
    • Hi-8
    • DVD
  • Please contact Media Preservation for formats not listed here.
  • Consultation and Assessment: A sample of services include:
  • Conservation and Preservation Treatment: A sample of services include:
    • Condition assessment and inspection
    • Damage repair
    • Cleaning using various treatments
    • Mold remediation
    • Rehousing in preservation quality enclosures
  • In-house listening requests are available by appointment, please contact Media Preservation for more information.
  • Digitization
    • Digitization of video formats is conducted at either the Media Preservation Labs or outsourced to trusted vendors. Video digitization projects, in consultation with University staff, involve customized project workflows and specifications including but not limited to documentation, photography, metadata creation, and video master and derivative file sets.
  • Post-Digitization
    • Video digitization projects are assessed for quality control and delivered to University staff and/or patrons.
    • In coordination with Digital Preservation, ingest into Medusa, the Library’s long-term digital preservation repository, is conducted.
  • Transferring Video Formats to Media Preservation Labs
    • Deliver materials to room 425 in Main Library. If unsure how to transport items, contact us at  for assistance. If necessary pick-up or campus shipping delivery may be arranged.
  • For patron video digitization requests please consult here.
  • Contact us for further inquiries on video preservation projects.