The Media Preservation Labs

The Film Lab (Room 425C)
The Film Lab (Room 425C) Conduct the majority of film, audio, and video inspections and treatments Incoming/outgoing project shipping center

Since its inception in 2011, Media Preservation has grown and evolved and this is most evident in the Labs that exist today.

Originally based in a former Library faculty office and exhibiting designs that stem from the discoveries and goals of the Illinois Campus Media Census, the Media Preservation Labs are customized boutique spaces for film, video, and audio inspections, conservation treatments, digitization and preservation and maintenance of playback equipment.

The walls are equipped with special electrical wiring and new outlets, carpeting and acoustic insulation paneling for sound absorption, and special low lighting.  Video and audio consoles with carefully chosen software are able to speak to an array of playback equipment of different formats and vice versa.  Work stations are set up with inspection/conservation equipment and supplies.

As of 2018, the Film Lab and “Dirty Room”, the main centers for film, audio, and video inspections and treatments, are registered under UIUC Division of Research Safety’s Lab Safety Program; Media Preservation staff administer conservation treatment while following laboratory safety protocols.

The Video Lab (Room 425B)
The Audio Lab (Room 425A)
The Dirty Room (Room 439)