Patron Digitization Requests

Media Preservation offers its services to all Library departments, their staff, and patrons.  Patron requests are considered priority and project specifications are discussed with Library staff.  Patron requests will undergo condition assessment, treatment, digitization, and post-digitization workflows.

Library staff: If a patron has inquired regarding media digitization, contact Media Preservation staff.


Additional Details

  • Transferring Film to Media Preservation Labs
    • Deliver materials to room 425 in Main Library. If unsure how to transport items, contact us for assistance. If necessary pick-up or campus shipping delivery may be arranged.
  • Timeframe
    • Media Preservation aims to fulfill patron requests in 6 weeks. If delays occur, Media Preservation will inform Library staff.
      • Contact Media Preservation for additional inquiries regarding deadlines.
  • In-house previewing requests are available by appointment, please contact Media Preservation for more information.