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Philip and Norma Coldwell


Music and Performing Arts Library Special Collections sheet music holdings and cataloging backlog cabinets (unknown location)


Personal collection of donors

When acquired

August 8, 1996


Total of 145 items, including two binder’s collections of late 19th- and early 20th-century piano works (mainly German editions, as well as a few works in manuscript with the signature “Armin Eichler”); a tutor for reed organ; eight anthologies and folios, mainly for solo piano; 123 items of vocal sheet music with US imprint; one British imprint of vocal sheet music; and seven items of piano sheet music with US imprint.


US sheet music editions are largely incorporated into US sheet music holdings in the Music Library’s Special Collections area. Binder’s collections and other uncataloged items remain in Special Collections cataloging backlog cabinets, arranged according to category of material.

Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

Complete list of donated items (see below) is in Collections File folder (“Coldwell, Philip & Norma”), along with letter of acknowledgment from Music Librarian William McClellan to donors. Sheet music may be accessed by composer, title, or date in online sheet music catalog.

Coldwell Donation List (PDF)

Index terms

Binder’s collections; Coldwell, Philip & Anna; Eichler, Armin; Music manuscripts; Sheet music–United States