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Tours and Instruction

We are happy to welcome University instructors to bring classes to the Map Library and enjoy hosting high school classes and local organizations for tours and presentations.

Sessions can include information on:

    • Library Use/Research– learn how to use Map Library resources and how to conduct research with cartographic materials
    • Specific Topics — examine and learn how to identify cartographic materials about specified investigation areas
    • Tours/Orientation — become acquainted with the Map Library’s resources

Group visits to the Map Library generally last between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on need, and can be scheduled between 9:00am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Visit Scheduling
Instructors planning on bringing classes to the Map Library must schedule a time in advance. Please contact the Map Library by emailing unit head Jenny Marie Johnson or calling 217-333-3855. Unfortunately, because of space constraints, the Map Library is unable to accommodate drop-in classes.

Please schedule single-session class or group visits a minimum of two weeks in advance. Multi-session classes must be arranged prior to the beginning of the academic term.

Well in advance of a visit, the Map Librarian will talk with instructors and visit arrangers to ascertain the context of the visit (general tour, supporting individual assignments or group projects) and the topics involved, to agree on an appropriate presentation method and length, and to determine the kinds of materials needing to be seen. Instructors may request specific titles be available to their students. Instructors may also request that bibliographies of resource titles or titles displayed during the session be prepared and distributed at the session.

Please alert us at least twenty-four hours in advance if a class session needs to be cancelled.

Class Assignments
We encourage instructors to give assignments that make use of Map Library resources and would be happy to assist with or consult about materials that could support course goals. If Map Library resources are required for an assignment, we appreciate receiving a copy of the assignment well in advance of student visits to the library. This facilitates us giving students the best possible service and assists us in making sure that necessary materials are available for all students to use.

Instructors are asked to schedule an orientation class prior to assigning work requiring cartographic materials, especially if their students are unfamiliar with the Map Library’s holdings and services. Map Library orientation classes can be scheduled by by emailing unit head Jenny Marie Johnson or calling 217-333-3855.