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For the Distant User

Map Library users coming from a distance are encouraged to contact the Map Library in advance of their visit to consult about required materials and to schedule their visit day. Please plan to arrive as early in the day of your visit as possible.

A conversation with the Map Library ahead of your visit is essential if you are interested in consulting any of the many maps now housed at the University Library’s remote storage facility. It can take more than 2 days for requested materials to be delivered to the Map Library. The Map Library staff will need to know in advance that you require materials from the Library’s remote storage facility to place requests so that everything you need is available for you during your visit.

If interested in consulting aerial photography, consider consulting scanned aerial photography indexes through the University Library’s Digital Collections and making a request for photographs in advance of your arrival.

We are unable to supply full scans of large sheets on the day of your visit. Please bring a camera to take photographs for your use while waiting for scanning to be completed.

If unable to visit the Map Library in person, please contact the Map Library via e-mail or call 217-333-0827 to discuss your map needs. We are happy to retrieve materials, take quick photographs as previews of what we find, and facilitate sending items to the Library’s digitization services office.