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Do you have questions about technology within the IAS Library? Please contact us by calling (217) 333-1501 or emailing ias@library.illinois.edu.

For more information about technology available at the University of Illinois Libraries, please see the library technology page.


A black-and-white public printer is available near the circulation desk at the front of the library (Room 321). Printing is $0.10 per page. The nearest color printer is located at the Main Library Information Desk on the first floor; color printing costs $0.40 per page.

You can print from library workstations or print from your own device.


A flatbed scanner is linked to one of the computer workstations near the circulation desk by the library entrance.

A large overhead BookEye scanner is available just inside the doorway to the bookstacks room (Room 319); this scanner is ideal for scanning books, journals, and similar materials.

Two microform digital scanners, which can scan microfilm and microfiche, are available in the bookstacks area (Room 319). A third microform digital scanner is near the circulation desk in the Reading Room (Room 321). Please speak with library staff if you need assistance scanning microform materials.


4 computer workstations for library research are available near the circulation desk at the front of the library (Room 321). To ensure any work you begin on the computers will not be lost, please save your work to a USB drive. When the computers lose power or restart, anything saved to the local drives is erased.

To listen to music or to watch videos on Library computers, please bring your own earbuds or headphones.

Wireless networks

Wireless access is available across campus for guests, students, faculty, and staff. Please log into these networks to wirelessly connect to the internet within the IAS Library. More information is available from Technology Services.