Print from a Laptop or Mobile Device - Library Technology

  1. Save the file you would like to print to the hard drive.
  2. Connect to the wireless network IllinoisNet.  Web printing will not work if you’re logged into a different wireless network.
  3. Go to the PaperCut website and log in with your NetID and Active Directory password.
  4. Click on “Web Print”.
  5. If your file is in a Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Picture or XPS format, click on “Submit a Job”.
  6. Click on “Quick search” and choose “Library” from the list. Select “lib-print2019/LibraryB&W (virtual)” for black and white documents and “lib-print-2019\LibraryColor (virtual)” for color documents.  Then click “Print Options and Account Selection”.webprint_selectPrinter
  7. Select the number of copies desired and click “Upload Documents”. webprint_options
  8. Drag and drop the file to the “Drag files here” box (or click the “Upload from computer” button and a window will appear, navigate to the file and click “Open”).  Then click “Upload & Complete”.
  9. It may take 10-30 seconds for the file to upload. The waiting circle run with a “Processing” status. webprint_processing
  10. Once the file has uploaded the status will change from “Processing” to “Held in a queue”.  After the status has changed go to printer in the library to release your print job.webprint_hold
  11. At the printer, scan the QR code or pull up the web address listed on the printer with a laptop or mobile device.
    image of printer with QR code and web information
  12. Select the job(s) you would like to print and click Release. The printer will begin printing.
    screenshot of print release page

Please note: If you receive a message after logging in that you need to add more Illini Cash credit to your account before printing, you can add credit to print at the Illini Cash website with a credit or debit card. After adding additional credit, you can log back into the print release station and release your print job.


  • Web printing can not accept duplex (double-sided) printing or jobs greater then 100 MB.
  • Web printing will only work on campus or if you are connected through the VPN.
  • Please report any issues or questions to