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Middle East and North African Collection

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Historical city of Petra in Jordan's Ma’an Governorate
Historical city of Petra in Jordan’s Ma’an Governorate

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Laila Hussein
Middle East & North African Studies Librarian
Assistant Professor, University Library

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Middle East Collection

To support the University’s teaching and research mission and to facilitate academic activities of the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as other centers and departments that offer courses related to Middle East and the Islamic world, the Library has been developing an excellent collection of printed and digital resources. Currently the Collection houses approximately 55,000 volumes of Arabic, 11,000 volumes of Persian and several hundred volumes of other Middle Eastern language materials. These are in addition to Western language materials that are housed in the main and departmental libraries. The Collection covers a wide range of subject areas including, but not limited to, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Law, Agriculture, Medicine, Women’s Studies. The strength of the collection, however, is in the areas of Arabic/Persian language and literature, Middle Eastern history (both modern and medieval), religious tradition of Islam, politics and government in the Middle East, social studies, and Islamic law.

As part of the International and Area Studies Library, the Middle East and North Africa collection is housed at deck 8-east of the Main Library. If brought together under a single roof, the Collection would total over 100,000 volumes of printed monographs and serials. In addition, it holds a good number of micro-texts, digital and audio-video materials. It is rapidly growing and covering many traditional and non-traditional areas of academic interest. The teaching and research needs of faculties and students are given highest priority in acquiring new materials. Besides local users, many faculties and graduate students in other universities regularly borrow materials through inter-library loan from this Collection, the number of borrowing has been rapidly increased in the last few years.

If you have any questions or comments about using our collection, or wish to submit requests for new materials please contact Laila Hussein, Middle East & North African Studies Librarian.