Finding Historical Agricultural Information

This page provides guidance in finding historical agricultural information using online databases and print database indexes in the UIUC Library collection.


The following electronic databases are good starting places for finding historical agricultural information. Click the links below to access these databases. For additional databases, see the Key Databases on the ACES Resources page.

NOTE: To search online databases through the library, you must be a current University student, staff, or faculty member with a valid NetID and password.

CAB Abstracts (1910 – present)

AGRICOLA (1970 – present)

Print Indexes

Print indexes can be a useful alternative for electronic databases when searching for older articles. The following tables list the print CAB and Agricola indexes available in the UIUC collection. Here you can find the call number of each index, the volumes found in our collection, and information about title changes. Start by finding your desired subject, then search for the index in the UIUC Library Catalog.

NOTE: Years in brackets indicate years of the index that exist but are not in the UIUC collection. For these years, repeat your search in the I-Share catalog.

For additional research assistance, contact Funk ACES Library by email:

CAB Abstracts Print Abstracts
Abstract Title  Call Number Dates & Volumes Title Changes
Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases 614.05 BU 1926-1976; v. 1-51 Formerly: Abstracts on Hygiene; Retired
Abstracts on Hygiene 614.05 BU 1926-1976; v. 1-51 Formerly: Bulletin on Hygiene; Continued by: Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases;Retired
Animal Breeding Abstracts 636.05 IMP 1933-1996; v. 1-64 Formerly: Imperial Bureau of Animal Breeding, Imperial Bureau of Animal Breeding and Geneticsand Commonwealth Bureau of Animal Breeding and Genetics; Formed by union of these three
An Annotated Bibliography of Medical Mycology A.616.01R325 1943-1993; v. 1-28 Continued by: Review of Medical and Veterinary Mycology
Bulletin on Hygiene 614.05 BU 1926-1976; v. 1-51 Continued by: Abstracts on Hygiene; Retired
Dairy Science Abstracts 637.05 DAIS 1939-1996; v. 1-58
Field Crop Abstracts 633.05 FI 1948-1996; v. 1-49
Forestry Abstracts 634.905 FORA 1939-1996; v.1-57
Helminthological Abstracts, Series A, Animal and Human Helminthology 595.105 HESERA 1970-1990; v. 39-59 Retired
Helminthological Abstracts, Series B, Plant Nematology 595.105 HESERB 1970-1987; v.39-56; [1988-1989] Continued by: Nematological Abstracts
Herbage Abstracts 633.605 HE 1931-1972, 1974-1993; v. 1-42, 44-63 Continued by: Grasslands and Forage Abstracts
Horticultural Abstracts 634.05 IMP 1931-1996; v.1-66
Index of Current Research on Pigs 016.6364 AG8I 1964-1983, 1987, 2002;   v.10-29, 33, 48; [1988-]
Index Veterinarius 619.05 IND 1933-1996; v.1-64; [1997-]
Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews 612.3905 NUA 1931-1976; v. 1-46 Continued by: Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews Series A and B
Plant Breeding Abstracts 634.05 PL 1930-1996; v. 1-66 Formerly: Papers on Plant Genetics
Review of Applied Entomology Series A Agricultural 595.705 REVSER.A 1913-1988; v. 1-76 Continued by: Review of Agricultural Entomology
Review of Applied Entomology Series B, Medical and Veterinary 595.705 REVSER.B 1913-1989; v. 1-77 Continued by: Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology
Review of Applied Mycology 589.205 RE 1922-1970; v. 1-48 Continued by: Review of Plant Pathology
Review of Plant Pathology 589.205 RE 1970-1996; v. 49-75; [1997-] Formerly: Review of Applied Mycology
Soils and Fertilizers 631.05 IM 1938-1996; v. 1-59; [1997-]
Tropical Diseases Bulletin 616.9605 TR 1912-1992; v. 1-89; [1993-]
Veterinary Bulletin 619.05 VETB 1931-1993; [1994-]
Weed Abstracts 632.705 WEE 1961-1996; v. 10-45; [pre 1961]
World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts 305 WORL 1958-1996; v. 1-38


Agricola Print Indexes
Abstract Title Call Number Dates & Volumes Title Changes
Agricultural Economics Literature 338.105 UNI 1927-1942; v. 1-16 Continued by: Section A. Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
Formerly: B.A.E. News…Library Supplement
Agronomy Current Literature 630.5 UNIP 1926-1934; v. 1-9 Continued by: Plant Science Literature
Bibliography of Agriculture A.630UN3BI 1942-1995; v. 1-59 Formed from the merge of six sections of Bibliography of Agriculture.
Section A. Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
Section B. Agricultural Engineering
Section C. Entomology
Section D. Plant Science
Section E. Forestry
Section F. Food Processing and Distribution
Botany Current Literature Q.581.605UN 1919-1934; v. 1-16
Entomology Current Literature A.632UN32E 1932-1942; v. 1-11 Continued by: Section C. Entomology
Forestry Current Literature A.634.9UN311F 1927-1940; v. 1-13 Continued by: Section E. Forestry
Plant Science Literature 581.605UNI 1934-1942; v. 1-15 Continued by: Section D. Plant Sciences