Land Ownership Resources

This finding guide was developed to enhance access to documents that describe the history of land ownership in Illinois. Each of the documents referenced here are located within either the University of Illinois Library or I-Share systems.

Use the county links below to find documents.

To check the location of an item:

  1. Start at the UIUC Library catalog.
  2. Copy and paste the title (or the first several words of the title) into the search bar.
  3. If correct result appears (match call number given in chart to call number in result), scroll down to “Locations” to view the available items in the UIUC Library system. Click on a location to view the available years individually.
  4. If you are able to find the correct item but are not able to find the desired year, scroll further down to the “Available at other I-Share Libraries” heading to view holdings at other I-Share libraries.
  5. If you are unable to find the correct item, search all I-Share libraries by clicking the “I-Share Catalog” button at the top of the catalog screen. Repeat search process.

TIP: When searching for an item in the catalog, do not use characters such as “&,” and keep searches as simple as possible. (Example: Instead of searching “Land atlas & plat book, Adams County, Illinois / Rockford Map Publishers,” search “Land atlas plat book, Adams County, Illinois” (no quotes).)

Most items are not held in the Funk ACES Library collection, and very few items are available online.